Top 50 Guild League Table History


at last week’s rate, you will catch them all within 12 weeks. and match masters within 15 weeks.

given there are 19 weeks to go, that sounds like a best estimate rather than a stretch target.


You can’t compare. Getting trophies was a lot slower before the system of ranked PVP has been implemented.
You can try to reach your 2nd million faster than we reach our 3rd if you want. :slight_smile:

At that pace, it seems quite feasible.


So you think our goal should be 3rd place by year end? That sounds like a stretch, but it’s possible. We can try to finish our second million, before Anonymous hits their 3rd. I don’t like our odds.

It used to be it was Anonymous, Intrim and then everyone else. Those two guilds are still in a separate class to themselves, with many legendary members. The difference is now there are a few guilds like Unrepentant that can almost punch in that weight class in a few categories.

In another year, perhaps we’ll be in the same weight class. We did field 14 in the PvP leaderboard across our 3 main TUF guilds this week. So we’re not just concentrating our best players in one guild. TUF:Abaddon might even have more on the leaderboard than TUF:Unrepentant.

At this point the main different is Guild Wars casual or Guild Wars optional. Our members pick how little they want to care about GW. So that puts us at a disadvantage against true bracket 1 teams on the leaderboard, but not giving a crap about GW helps our morale. Stress is not fun.



At the same time it is sad to see some old guilds falling apart or becoming inactive, and it is always nice, interesting and motivating to see some new guilds emerge and skyrocket to the top, like Intrim last year and Unrepentant, this year, of course, but also many others, like Rock$tar, Marshal, Dominant, Solophobia, or Ultimos Guardianes, for example. It is so much more interesting when there is a good competition.

But there is still one difference between Intrim and Anonymous and the rest of the guilds. Before the only competition was about trophies. Now there is also GW. It seems that all the guilds have made a choice. Either they are doing great in GW, like Stratagem or Tyrant, and seem to care less about trophies, or they focus on trophies and don’t care about GW. Intrim and Anonymous are the only guilds who care to compete and are able to dominate in both.
Being able to do the same would be an interesting challenge. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are missing a guild type @Aelthwyn

How about a guild that has only 1 requirement- do your best in GW-

And still is steadily climbing the LB and doing well in GW with absolutely no drama and 20 members who have been there since the guilds creation.

I would submit that is also an elite guild


There are other competions than those two like the ascension and other leaderboards on ashtender and TUF is doing great on those also. Anonymous still dominates the very top there too. While Unrepentant is well represented.

It’s in under extras and includes anyone who opts in and checks their collection.

When Unrepentant did care about GW we were usually 5/6 in bracket one. When you get thrown out of a bracket a few times for no obvious reason (before they fixed it) it left a lasting bitter taste for me. Sure they fixed it the third time, but the damage was done. We’ve never recovered on some level. I nearly quit over it and I have yet to forget.


Well… Ok i see there is no comment about my additional definition of elite guild.

So i guess i am wrong… Oh well…

I am very happy in my guild and wouldnt change it for 10000 LT a day.

Real talk


You need to back off of this bizzarro idea you seem to have that everything @Aelthwyn says about guilds is somehow directed to you personally. It’s not, so leave it alone.


It feels like Tigerclaw has been making a big push to stay ahead of Unrepentant. They may pass Intrim 2 before we do. I expect Tigerclaw to be higher on the top 10 next week.


I don’t know that we’ve had a deliberate push to stay ahead of Unrepentant - but I also can’t say that it isn’t fun to make 'em work for it :).


Many times we’ve seen a pattern before Unrepentant passes a team, there’s a valiant effort. Rock$tar and Ultra Marines made the best effort. Another common thing we see if for a team’s roster to drop to 27/30 as those teams clear out inactive players and recruit new ones about the time we pass them.

Thanks for making it a challenge. We’re right behind you, but steady. We’re both coming towards Intrim 2 pretty fast. Unless they turn on the speed, I expect us to both to trample over them in the next week or so.

I will admit a little disappointment that Rock$tar wasn’t next to us crossing the 1 million line, but I have faith their strength will return.


What you want, we got it right here: the weekly Top 50 update!

This week saw the entire Top 10 reach septuple digits - you need a cool million trophies to make it to the Top 10.

Next week will mark the end of the Summer(Winter) season so we’ll have the Seasonal Top 20 sometime soon after next week’s update. Get excited!

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Intrim
  2. TUF: Unrepentant
  3. Anonymous
  4. Dominant
  5. Últimos Guardianes
  6. Marshal
  7. DarkWarriors
  8. Solophobia
  9. Tigerclaw
  10. francaise


It’s since Ace1 joined them - that guy is a trophy machine!


So this week TUF:Unrepentant beat Anonymous again. That’s pretty good. That’s 3 weeks now on par with the big boys (Intrim/Anonymous). Even I was on the PvP leaderboard some of this week.

None Of The Above


Yay! Go us :metal:t2:


Well done all


I don’t know how many other non-top 50 teams are pulling similar numbers, but TUF:Abaddon again pulled in 25K which would put them in at #7 if they were in the top 50 already.


I don’t think your extra 137 trophies is going to be enough to beat Anonymous to 2 million. :stuck_out_tongue: But great performance… keep it up, I’m sure the soo called big boys enjoy having new meat to devour :wink:


I think the @Aelthwyn challenge is a more reasonable goal. It’s nice to be on in the same ballpark as Anonymous, even if it’s just a week here and there.