Top 50 Guild League Table History


Lol, maybe you’ll see an increase in production like we expect after the mobile update. Much of the perceived decrease in rank with us has been the players like myself limited to the mobile platform. Other guilds comprising of PC players have increased their standings.


I’m a mobile player too so i feel you :confused:


Not a gripe, more an observation. I think the standings will adjust accordingly post update.


Also a mobile players, so a bump for me also.


Same here…I can’t wait for 4x speed


@actreal, since @DonBoba is planning to leave the game, can we make it a special Top 11 for the next update as a parting gift?

Watch Mean Machines be #12. The universe has an ironic sense of humor.

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Mean Machine are a little lower for the moment this week. It is a top 15 that would be needed.
But it would be a nice idea to make a top that includes them.


Tacet hasn’t officially voted but has publicly endorsed around 1:00:00. - 1:02:00 both Unrepentant and Rockstar of getting the 1million before his guild does Thank you @Tacet for that huge endorsement


Unrepentant and Rock$tar have gone up the top 50 leader board in sync the whole way. I have to admit feeling a bit of kinship with them. It feels fitting that we are likely to cross the 1 million in lockstep.

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It’s once again time for the weekly Top 50 update - enjoy!

By popular request, the weekly table runs to 17 this week. :slight_smile:

Weekly Top 10 17:

  1. Unrepentant
  2. Anonymous
  3. Intrim
  4. Últimos Guardianes
  5. Marshal
  6. Solophobia
  7. Rock$tar
  8. DarkWarriors
  9. Dominant
  10. francaise
  11. Magix
  12. Almost Epic
  13. Intrim II
  14. ratticlub11
  15. Black Dragon
  16. Tigerclaw
  17. Mean Machine


Here, have 1 final like. And thanks for putting us up there :smiley:


Woohoo! Unrepentant is #1, even ahead of Anonymous and Intrim?! I’m amazed. I knew we did well after Rock$tar pulled within 5K of us, but I didn’t know it was to that level. Thanks to Rock$tar for racing us to the 1 million. I expect this excellent and worthy adversary to cross the million mark lockstep with us.

Congrats to @DonBoba and Mean Machines for making the list. You’ve made this game much more interesting and I’m glad to have met you.


Yay we did it again :smiley: I just get happy if we make the list, great feeling


What you see is what you get in this thread: Weekly Top 50 updates!

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Últimos Guardianes
  2. Anonymous
  3. Unrepentant
  4. Intrim
  5. DarkWarriors
  6. Dominant
  7. Rock$tar
  8. ratticlub11
  9. Solophobia
  10. Tigerclaw


I can’t believe we beat Intrim for 2 weeks in a row. That’s crazy that we’re still up with the big boys. We should cross 1 million this week for sure.

Our sister guild TUF:Abaddon did 25,942 trophies, so just a little under Intrim. It’ll be cool to see them on the top 50 in a couple months.

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So the question to the poll has been answered. As 40% correctly picked, Unrepentant was the first of those three guilds to the 1 million mark, despite a substantial lead by Dragon’s Peak. The 9th to do it.

It’s clear we’ll be passing Tigersclaw and Intrim 2 within a month.

So anyone have any other interesting challenges? Any other guilds want to make it interesting? Anyone have a gauntlet to throw down?

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I dropped my glove somewhere and can’t find it. Can you help? :smile:


How about you try beat Anonymous to 2 million ?.. lol


That might be a bit difficult. Not impossible, though improbable.


We’ve only beaten Anonymous once in weekly trophies, so no. Maybe a race to get our second million faster than Anonmyous got their first million. How long did that take?

I think a realistic goal is to for TUF:Unrepentant to reach 4th place by the end of the year. Does that sound reasonable for a challenge?

That means we have to climb over Tigerclaw, Intrim 2, Black Dragon, Marthos Guardians, and Strategem in just over 3 months. Originally my goal was to pass Intrim 2 by February 2018, but it looks like that will happen in August sometime.

TUF:Abaddon and TUF:Unrepentant are coming.

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