Top 50 Guild League Table History



Welcome to the top 50 > Ultimos Guardianes

Let´s see what we can do more Spanish guilds at the top.



Happy anniversary and congrats to my Anonymous guildmates!
Tomorrow we will have been rank 1 for one year! :birthday:

Next step: break the record of longevity held by Match Masters. :wink:


#A new record for weekly trophy earnings this week

…Almost Epic, with a massive push this week earning over 56,000 trophies, handily beating the previous record of 54,275 held by Intrim since January this year. As of this post, Almost Epic also hold 5 of the top 10 spots on the Top 100 PvP leaders as well.

The record might not be held as long this time, as more guilds will presumably take advantage of the new speed options in the Unity build, particularly when mobile-only players can also access it.

Excluding Almost Epic’s massive total, average trophy earnings eased noticeably since last week, so it appears the 20% increase seen last week was at least partly due to the event and/or speed option novelty.

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Almost Epic
  2. Intrim
  3. Marshal
  4. Dominant
  5. Anonymous
  6. Rock$tar
  7. Solophobia
  8. francaise
  9. Tigerclaw
  10. Magix


Almost Epic has also jumped from 34 to 27 on the league rankings, can you, or someone else confirm that this is the highest jump in recorded history? I can’t remember anything close to that myself.


Congratz to Almost Epic nice job :slight_smile:
Not to diminish there effort , but this is a new record. First one is at 1x speed ( for most ps i joke ) :stuck_out_tongue:
New one is at 4x speed


first one was before double boosted defenses too…


#Your friendly neighbourhood weekly Top 50 update!

This week BEAVERKNIGHTS changed their name to Eternal Empire.

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Anonymous
  2. francaise
  3. Marshal
  4. Unrepentant
  5. Rock$tar
  6. Solophobia
  7. Últimos Guardianes
  8. Almost Epic
  9. Intrim II
  10. Dominant


Congrats again to Black dragon for their million trophies.


Thanks @Aelthwyn


How does this even work. Please explain to me?


#Nothing but the real Top 50 weekly update!

I neglected to mention a few weeks back that the Top 50 now requires over 400,000 trophies to gain entry, which presumably explains why there are a few guilds with multiple entries in the PvP Top 100 each week that haven’t reached us yet. Welcome this week to ratticlub11, who have now garnered the 400 grand plus in trophies.

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Anonymous
  2. Intrim
  3. Almost Epic
  4. Marshal
  5. Rock$tar
  6. Unrepentant
  7. francaise
  8. Últimos Guardianes
  9. Solophobia
  10. Intrim II


What happened to Kronos this week? :confused:


There was a question some time ago, who would cross into the top 10 first, Unrepentant, or Rock$tar. Recently, that question was answered. Unrepentant is now #10 on PvP league list.

The next question is who will pass Dragon’s Peak first.


Maybe a more interesting question is who will pass 1 million first between Rock$tar, Unrepentant and Dragon’s Peak?

  • Unrepentant
  • Rock$tar
  • Dragon’s Peak

0 voters

Place your bets. Place your bets.


Let’s get ready to roll out the weekly Top 50 update!

I wonder what game traffic was like for the whole game this week, but the lack of Guild Wars didn’t seem to affect the top guilds. In fact, it seemed to just leave more time for regular trophy-earning in PvP with many guilds posting big numbers this week.

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Anonymous
  2. francaise
  3. Intrim
  4. Marshal
  5. Unrepentant
  6. Rock$tar
  7. Solophobia
  8. Almost Epic
  9. Últimos Guardianes
  10. Dominant


Aw damn just 400 trophies from top 10 :smile:


I remember your jokes about doing the top 11. Good times.


With 30 votes in I’ve closed the poll. It stands at:

40% Unrepentant
37% Dragon’s Peak
23% Rock$tar

It’s going to be a tight race to 1 million. People have placed their bets, now we wait and see.

I would never count Rock$tar out. They’re rockstars after all. :slight_smile: Unrepentant and Rock$tar are both top 5 teams and next year, I expect the trophy counts of both guilds to reflect that.


While we wait for the triumphant return of Guild Wars, here’s the weekly update to tide us over…

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Anonymous
  2. Rock$tar
  3. Intrim
  4. Almost Epic
  5. Unrepentant
  6. francaise
  7. Marshal
  8. Últimos Guardianes
  9. Dominant
  10. Solophobia


11th again? Have we subscribed to rank 11 in weekly gain somewhere? O.o