Too much "Retry!" That made me mad~

I work for a global company,and this year I had go to many country.

Korea,USA,Italy,Australia and son.

I found there is too much “Retry”,where ever I am。

I even spend lots of money on VPN. But, nothing change!

Please improve network quality~


BTW: forgive my poor english


I moved this to support… it’s that if anything…

But…[quote=“zg861229, post:1, topic:4237”]
too much “Retry”,where ever I am。

I even spend lots of money on VPN. But, nothing change!

Please improve network quality

…I really can’t see how you’d expect the devs to do anything about your poor network coverage? eh?

My connection is fine (in Taiwan), but I’m getting alot of “Retry” messages lately too, especially since that connection crash a few days ago.

So I think the problem might be with the service provider instead? Anyone else having “Retry” issues?

I’m in Arizona and I get lots of connection issues with only Gems of War. This should be addressed.

I get a retry every once and a while in North Dakota. Always work after one retry, so it never bothered me.

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There could be some offline features added. Everything in GoW requires an online connection.

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I can’t do much with GoW on my iPhone4 but apparently later models are fine. It might be a device issue. My PC has very few issues with GoW.

Same here, since the server issues the other day I have received numerous “Retry” messages.

Maybe service provider ~

change another one?

Yeah~ the same to me~

No issue for me. Usually works after one retry. It has gone to 3 or so but I usually just shut the game down and restart then it’s ok. Doesn’t happen often.

No problem on PC, mobile has some, but not enough for me to stop playing it on mobile when PC is not around. :slight_smile:

I have no issues in the NYC area

I am fine till about 8pm then everyday it goes to retry city. Fortunately I am as persistant
as it is so i get my battles done but sometimes it can run more than 4 times. Currently
in the Philippines and everything else but Gems works fine at the time marker.

Been spiking especially bad today. Anyone else having trouble?

Somewhat. Hard to tell because I’ve had to close the game so many times for other reasons - after it freaks out over mass chest openings or troop disenchant sprees.

bad here for me

Just got up and tried to play, constant retrys and then errors and have to close out, currently for me unplayable.

You say this, but your English is poor (as you said it yourself at the end of your post). How is this even possible? :confused:

There is a server issue, not chat related, devs aware and working on it.