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Error. Lost connection

After the victory there was an inscription “Error. Lost connection”. When I restart the game it appeared again. Already I restarted Steam and reinstalled the game.

let me know if you fixed this, I am experiencing the same thing.

I see this occasionally on console too but selecting ‘Retry’ always clears it

Well, I have 2 days waiting for a response from tech support. The game still does not work. And no, “Retry” does not help.

Sorry about the wait - you must have caught us right on the start of the weekend. It’s currently Sunday afternoon here, so somebody should be in touch in the next 18-24 hours.

There are no server problems that we can see right now… so it’s likely an internet issue somewhere between your location and our servers, which may be out of our hands to fix. Nevertheless we’ll see what our support ninjas can do for you tomorrow!

Thanks for the answer.

Similar issue. was your interent down for a while before having this error? We must try to look for common points, it might be easier for them ninjas.

Ok, I have tried logging in on a different account and I get the same error. It’s a local problem, but nothing appears to fix it. i’ve flushconfig’d steam, verified game cache, reinstalled the game 3 times, still the same error.

I have an error occurred when a new hour has come. I still thought it very strange. I also went into the game with a different account, but nothing has changed.

The problem is, the game acts as if I am in Offline mode on steam, but I am clearly on Online mode and it just refuses to connect via steam.


Guys, have you ever thought about a steam connection problem? Or a “wifi refresh” on phone?
I get the same problem sometimes, and every time is about my own connection either on steam or phone.

Hope it helped…

But this game does not work, others work well.

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This game needs max of connection. Don’t really know how to express myself, but if you use skype you’ll know what i mean. (you noticed that skype is the last to crash when internet connection goes down right?)
Maybe this game is the first…

Me and my wife get this error multiple times a day.
This is on different PCs and iPad air tablet (on different networks as well).

We have lost, and still are losing, tons of fight rewards due to this…

“Lost connection. Please retry when connection is established again.” I’ve been getting this mesage since 18:00 UTC-4. I am connceting with other games and apps. Puzzling. :thinking:

After found back my level my game does not work, others work well.