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Your connection to the server has timed out. Please try again later

Hello fellow gems matchers.

Since this morning, when i try to connect, i have the message quoted in the title.
Oddly, this happens both on IOS and Steam.
As i did not see anyone else reporting this problem right now, i guess it only happens to me.
I have filed a request to the support team, but since this is the week-end, i have little hope. I won’t be able to do my daily dungeons, nor finishing guild war (bracket 04…so this is quite impacting).

Has anyone else ever had this kind of problem before? (the message makes me think it would affect everyone, but it is only affecting me).

Thank you for any useful feedback :frowning:

I’m experiencing the same problem on IOS and steam this morning; never had it before.

Hi there! Sale problem here for me :frowning:

Very frustrating…

General outage it seems. Android affected here.

I can connect successfully now :grinning: