[Tech Issue - Not a Bug] Game Login issues

Hello everyone,
I’m having this issue

For a day. Everything else working fine. PLaying other games. websites etc. Just Gems of War.
My platform is Pc. Windows10.
Gave access to GoW from firewall. Didnt work. itegrity check didnt work. Closed anti virus Didnt work.
So if anyone have an idea. Thanks for that.
Edit: Tried solutions at

No luck.

Hey the game server has been up so there may have been a temporary issue somewhere in the connection between us.

You might want to try this article instead if you’re still having the problem:

Let me know how you go.

Hey Kafka,
First hope your day goes well.
Second i tried that as well and didnt work. I forgot to link that as well. My bad. But i went to work and come back and now i can enter game. One and half day without connection lol. I don’t have any idea about how it is solved.Sorry if someone else having this trouble as well.
Thanks for your reply as well. Have a nice day

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Hi sorry to bother you again. But i got a little fix for that issue. Not fix but allowed me to login everytime i do.
When i got that issue resterted router. and login to the game. I dont know why this didnt work at first time. Happened several times. Dont know what couses this but thats how i get around with it.