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Too many New Players

@Nex @Mr.Strange
Getting 6000 Error retry requests errors again. Looks like there might be too many players on console again.


Brought that up to Mr strange yesterday. He said they put in a request to up the request limit.

Went to find his quote and see that you already saw that. :slight_smile:


This problems were ELIMINATED from the users prespective (or band aided if one prefers). the other day. The servers have been zippy fast and VERY responsive for over a day without a single solitary delay or retry.

Now the problems are back.

Indeed - we hit our limits again! Put in another increase request.

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Good to hear that so many new people are finding Gemsofwar. Now if I could just find them and wrangle them into my guild…

Great news! More people joining our game!

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You guys have the in game chat yet?

Not that I can see on Xbox one no. I did experience that on pc and it’s pretty neat. So maybe…

If you guys get ingame chat inviting to guild will be so much easier.

You’re referring to Global in-game chat channels, killer?

In other PSN games I always found that particular feature to cause massive lag, so… idk on console…

Kudos to Infinity+2 for the ease of player communication on the Mobile end. Works wonderfully.

Just remember, every time the servers level up the max requests only increase by, like, 1 or 2.

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Yes i am. I know it causes some sort of lag but leaving the channel and chat fixes the issue or at least for me it does.