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What's going on with servers?

I and at least two my guildmates also have such issue last two days. It’s not permanent. Periodically I can login without problems. But sometimes I receive such error for several hours in row.

So many players returned I heard because of the new arena. It might be about time for them to upgrade their server capacity IMO.

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Sounds more like a sarcasm. :rofl:


Not at all, I was being serious. :clown_face:

@Kafka, @Saltypatra any news? the issue is present for about a week already and it might appear not only while starting but after finishing the battle and to no resolution apart from restarting the game completely.

They dont care as long as you spend gems .

That’s why I’m barely playing GoW now

Is anybody going to react from the PR or devz side? This is obnoxious.

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For Christ sake do something with your servers! ARE YOU BLIND OR SOMETHING?!

15:40 GMT+7

15:43 GMT+7

15:47 GMT+7


Whom should I scream to in order to get any fucking attention? The issue affects not only PS4 platform, but PC as well, why the fuck don’t you pay any attention?

I will definitely receive a ban for that on forum, but what else should the player do if neither official tech support nor PR are interested in making any efforts to get it solved. That’s how your treat your customers.

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@Saltypatra how come having the mentions in the thread and not paying any attention to the problems that happens on the game side. If you’re a Communication Ninja - be able to convey the message to the other side.


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This seems like a “you” problem lol. I’ve not had any trouble logging in.

File a support ticket not a forum post.

What did he do? He told you that this might be your problem as no others is screaming around on the boards about any server problems.

When server is down it often affect the majority of players, this is not the case this time. So maybe Mr.Butt is into something here.