Too many troops duplication

Hello to all, play for about two months on this fabulous game as Gems of war, I understand almost everything except one thing: but why was there to give the keys always with the same troops?
For example, what do I do with 40 worms stone?
What do I do with all these troops duplication?
You can not sell? or maybe make some other use to me unknown?
If the game is going on so that I’ll have 600 worms stone, but what should I do?
then there is something wrong in this game if you do not apply some correction on the troops duplication!
Ps. I am Italian, sorry if the English is badly written but I use a translator.

Yes, you can disenchant them, it gives you souls that you can use to level up your troops.

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Non hai capito allora, io parlo delle troppe truppe doppioni, ho fatto l’esempio infatti di 40 vermi di pietra, quello che dici tu è disincanto, se disincanto una truppa perdo il livello della truppa, io chiedevo invece cosa ne faccio con gli altri 39 vermi di pietra dato che ne devo usare solo uno?

You don’t loose the level of your card, you disenchant only the extra cards. So if you have 5 worms level 15 and you disenchant 3, you will remain with 2 worms level 15. Hope this helps.

Grazie Folletto, proverò e faccio sapere.

Elf @ thank you very much for the advice, I did not know of this procedure, you’ve been very helpful.
Again, thank you and By.