Gems being rearranged

I could use a How To Play Gems of War for Dummies’. When the gems are rearranged is a troop doing that or is this a normal game function? Also was this game on Xbox before? The game looks very familiar, and I can’t recall if I have played it before. I wanted to make this clear. It’s when all the gems disappear and reappear, and it’s always after I have finished my turn. Thanks.

There are troops that can jumble the board on spell.
Also the board is “rearranged” if there’s no matches available.

Regarding Xbox, the game is there for a couple years.

Closer to 6 years on Xbox.

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I thought it was on Xbox and it was at least 6 years ago. It was either on the one or the 360. I think when I played it, it was play free then you had to buy it which I did not do. Can I ask another question. Order the strongest troop in the lead?

That’s a tricky question, it depends on what level you are (I’m assuming pretty new?), what team you are using and what you are facing. Sounds like you could do with joining a decent guild where you can get advice and tips from other players. Jf you have Discord, we have a spot in our new player guild in the Dominant family of guilds just go here Dominant

Yeap pretty new. My Hero is almost level 62, and my other guys are around 10+. Right now I am just trying to accumulate the items for upgrades, exploring and doing the daily quests. I am confused with customizing your troops upgrade. I thought customizing means you put the points where you want. I noticed when not customizing usually all 4 stats receive a point, and with customizing only 1 of the 4 stats is upgraded automatically which doesn’t make sense.

Wanted to ask are there copies of Luther? I have opened well over 500 chests and maybe closer to 1,000, but I have not gotten any Luther cards.

I think what you’re seeing with “customizing” is the leveling slider. There are 3 basic options — max the troop out with the souls you have, give it the next level only (often a single stat point like you’re noticing), or a “custom” amount somewhere inbetween.

Eventually, you’ll want all troops fully leveled, so. Good rule of thumb — if you’re using it frequently, prioritize leveling it.

Save your traitstones until you have a better handle on what you’re doing or can ask a veteran player good advice first. They’re harder to come by than souls.

You can get additional copies of Luther, but since he is a base-epic-rarity card he can only be acquired from glory chests, gem chests, or guild seals (you don’t want to spend these yet, if you have them. Save them for later).

The best way at your level to get the sorts of keys you need is to rank up in PVP each week, and play some Arena battles as soon as you can unlock the game mode. Those early glory keys can make a big difference. And if you have any treasure maps, that can actually help, too — gem keys are the best ones, and if you’re good at that mini game you might just find some!

Let me know if you’re still looking for a guild, too — never heard back from you when I PM’d, so maybe you didn’t see it? But I’ve got a spot that could get you a lot of free gems and resources, and all we’d ask in return is that you play and collect guild seals for us.

Take care, and good luck!

I appreciate the help and yes I am looking for a guild. I have been in guilds in other games, and they were all bad. Guilds that were just a list of names, and leaders who did not care. I did chat sometimes, but the gamers I chatted with their mouths were nothing but garbage if you catch my drift. At the present I am without headphones and unable to chat, does that matter? I have a brand new pair, but they do not work. I never got around to sending them back for a replacement.

Are you opening Gold chests or something higher? Gold chests won’t drop higher-base rarity troops, such as Luther.

I am opening up the higher chests. I did purchase the VIP Pass. So far I have not gotten anything to rave about. I just did find out that Luther should be in the other chests, but I understand it is very rare.

Message Pileski Mom on Xbox messages, and I’ll see that she gets you into her guild. No voice chat required at all, though a presence on discord is always appreciated (I sent you the link before, but can send it again, if pressed). I can’t promise it to be a very talkative bunch, but I can assure you that no better teachers of the game can be found than those we find amongst our large guild family. And we boast room for growth — if you were to progress your account to the point where my mother’s guild was no longer satisfactory to you (for now I would imagine it would be — you’d get far more resources than you could ever hope to get alone, joining her ranks), then you could easily move from U6 to U5, U5 to U4, and so on and so forth through the ranks.

Just let me know!

You lost me at the tail end, but I will message her. Who should I say sent me?

I did msg your mom.

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The tail end explanation : our guild network is The Unforgiven, and we have over a half dozen guilds. We often refer to them in shorthand — U1, U2, etc…

My Mom is the GM of U6 at the moment. For the past couple of years, I’ve been GM of U1 :slight_smile:

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I noticed that matching gems will also kill the enemy?

It depends.

Matching skull gems makes you deal your lead troop’s attack score to the enemy — if that number exceeds their remaining life, they’ll die. Otherwise, you’ll just reduce whatever armor/life they currently have.

Some troops steal life when you match certain colors — match red, and Yao Guai will steal 3 life from the first-slot enemy, for instance. If said enemy only had 3 life left, this will kill them.

Certain hero classes also have instant-kill sometimes when you match skulls — the Assassin and Archer come to mind.

A troop that I’d be surprised if you’ve encountered at your level (but which exists) can kill on 4+ matches sometimes. It’s a mythic called Megavore, and it’s one of the good ones :+1:

I may have encountered this troop. I have lost 3 troops all at once, and I may have even lost all 4. Also my stats are not very high. Yesterday I had to just retreat even with all of my troops. I ran into those Gates, and there was no way I could get their armor down. I must have tried for about 20 minutes, and gave up. Is there a way I guess you would call it harvesting souls?

Best way to get souls is to get through as many battles as quickly as you can with a troop or two with the Necromancy trait unlocked. The Dragon Soul can be very good, too, if you’re lucky enough to have it.

You can keyword search the cards you currently have for the word “Soul” in the Troops tab, too, and you might see a card that can give you some extra whenever it casts. Some cards you might actually have at this point that can do this are : Wight, Valkyrie, Banshee, Warg

EDIT to say that beating kingdom quests and challenges can also be a pretty good source of souls early on. And 750 guaranteed souls for 6 battles from the Arena can be really good, too, at your level! That’s nearly 110 souls per fight, which is more than double the standard cap of 40 (and likely closer to 25+ times higher than the 4 you’re getting for a more-typical fight).

Does it matter what kingdom you pick as your home kingdom?