Tokens in new explore: The juice is not worth the squeeze

Fighting 6 straight mythic opponents to get 2 tokens of Gaard is not “balancing”. It’s frustrating as hell. It’s VERY clear that the difficulty level has ZERO influence on what tokens are dropped. Lvl 12 should be considered Mythic, 10-11 Legendary, 7-9 Epic, 4-6 Ultra Rare, 2-3 Rare & 1 Common, with increased chances of the corresponding token drop for each level.
Also, The Cedrick Badge is way too powerful as is. It’s been shown in live streams that 3 medals means at least one troop will cleanse EVERY TURN. I’m all for dropping it to 20% and making it non-stackable. That would be in-line for an Ultra Rare item. Countering with stun is dicey at best, as there is ONE troop that passively stuns, Obsidius. Tian Yi also stuns, but you have to cast it. And both of those are mythics. The only non-mythic that stuns all is water elemental, and it has to cast as well. Most of the time, the AI has already looped 3 or 4 times and you’re dead before you can cast either.


Well before you got no token out of explore. Zero.
And tbh, after they changed the dailys there wasn’t even much motivation left to go and explore.

Now you get the same as before +token +100% on arcane stone on the mini boss level and the mythic boss.
You don’t need level 12 for a chance for 2-3 token. You go level 12 for more mythstones. And you probably choose a +20% kingdom for that reason as well.

As for frustrating, what is frustrating? The battles on high level? Use one of the known skull spamming meta teams from pvp with Mang on top.
The token collecting? Do you expect to get everything within 2 days?

2 days no, but would have been nice if we could in maybe my lifetime.


I expect to get something worth the time I put into it to get. To get ZERO mythic tokens and only 4 legendary tokens after 12+hours of grinding is NOT worth it. All I’m suggesting is that if you do a higher level grind you should expect a better chance to get a higher level token. What’s so unreasonable about that?


I got my first mythic troop at almost 6 months of play at just over lvl 1000 after 1000’s of keys. Why should the mythic tokens drop at a higher rate if they are mythic?

Because we need 54 for each and every mythic troop.