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Change explore back to normal

Would it kill you to return the Explore system back to the way it was? This token, badge, medal system is confusing, makes no sense, and adds unnecessary garbage to a system that was fine being simple! If the goal was to improve the explore battle system, just leave it as it used to be, but improve the odds that Runic, Arcane, and Celestial Traitstones drop. And for the love of God, do the enemies in kingdom quests have to be mythic at level 20?!


Don’t change it back. Please.

If you must, add the old system back in as an additional option.

That way, players can choose which they want—the medals of the present and future, or the fast-grind of the past (don’t get me wrong: I miss the seamless UI that Explore used to have, and all the buttons now make me want to grow hair on my bald head just to tear it out. But I feel the need to give feedback on ideas I feel might be problematic now that the change to Sunspear has revealed a vocal minority can get drastic changes to be made to the detriment of players)


I’d like the existing explore to have better flow (less between match interruptions, overall easier to get to the next battle without fighting the interface), lots of feedback out there already on how best to do this, most of it good. I never want to go back to the actual old explore, where every match was punching down and the only incentives were traitstones. It is true that all the (completely unnecessary) menuing of the new explore gets on my nerves and I don’t think I’ve ever played it for as long of a consecutive stretch as the old one in past sessions, but nowadays I don’t think I’d play the old one at all because there wouldn’t be anything there for me.

For the record, I think medals are a good explore play incentive, but I disagree with how elite levels work and I’d be a lot more inclined to attempt to progress this system if elite levels were xp bars with lower rarities rather than random chance or you could combine up medals at additional costs to remove some of the randomness. As it stands, I don’t really want to upgrade troops that don’t further my win condition and I’m not going to risk 20 hours of grinding on a “maybe” upgrade, thus medals and the associated soul sinks aren’t really functional for me.


There is no reason you have to choose your difficulty… every… single explore run. There is no reason to have a popup telling you you have made it to the miniboss every…single… explore run.

The medals need some fine tuning. For example, Tesla only gains magic if you medal her, yet she receives no benefit at all from increasing her magic stat.


I don’t have a problem with the new system by I would say increase the drop rate of better tokens at difficulties 10 and up. also it might be a cool idea to have the troops be not exclusively from that kingdom what I think would be a cool idea is if you had it so that troops from adjacent kingdom could also appear so while you’d never see a troop from silverglade appear in broken spire you might see a troop from adana appear since broken spire is right next to adana

That would ruin a lot of strategies revolving around predictability. Like trying to kill as many [insert color here] troops, or knowing there are no poison-immune troops in Urskaya

Indeed. I actually tried to sit down on Gnome weekend and try to get keys. I could not stand the constant interruption with popups so I ended up stopping part way through saturday.

Make the level global and don’t tell us when we get to miniboss or boss - they are the only options available at that time anyways, ffs.