Please streamline the UI for the new explore (vote and add suggestions)

There are two workflow cases.

  1. Change the difficulty and then start the explore run.
  2. Keep the same difficulty and start the explore run.

Once players figure out what level works the best for them, most will stay at the same difficulty. Yet players are penalized by two needless clicks. With a simple change to the UI, both use cases can be accommodated without extra clicks.

Current UI

Click 1 (both use cases)

Click 2 (both use cases)

Click 3 (both use cases)

Suggested UI

  • Both screens from click 1 and click 3 are available.
  • Wording on click 1 screen changed from “Difficulty” to “Change Difficulty.”

For use case 1, the user clicks on “Change Difficulty” and proceeds as it currently works.
For use case 2, the user clicks on “Explore” and begins their game in a single click, instead of three.

  • Implement
  • Do not implement

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Can we also please remove the congratulation screen each time we unlock a boss?
I understand that it’s needed for the first couple of times, but in the long run it’s just unneeded extra clicks.
An alternative would be to add a checkbox to opt out of the message (like “Don’t show this dialog again”).


I would certainly vote for that change too. Great suggestion!

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There’s a lot more we can do here. Explores don’t need to go back out unless you’re done the explore, we can go back to the “play again” button and rename it to “Continue to”. This might need tweaking for activating the mythic boss (maybe steal the code used for vault keys & the vault) but otherwise there’s really no need to hold players up by creating multiple extra clicks and menus.

The interface looks decent but it gets annoying by the 5th explore run. I do like the 20% mythstone boost that forces you to move kingdoms and fight something different. That was a great touch.