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Some Explore Improvements

Some of the issues with current explore are: the need for Nysha medals and their lack of dropping. This makes explore a very frustrating experience nearly every time. It’s a gut punch to do a bunch of explores cycles and wind-up with a bunch of cedric medals.

The kingdoms with the 20% bonus, should also get a 20% bonus in high end token drops. To encourage people not to “poison all the bears” over and over again and reward those who experience more of the content. So, if Nysha drop 0.2% of the time, they would drop 0.24% of the time instead.

Alternately or additionally, age kingdoms rewards. The longer you don’t do an “20% bonus” explore in a kingdom, the chances for rare tokens increases. This could easily visible by changing the color of the icon from red to green when max chance is available. The more you do a kingdom, the less chance for rare medals.

Additionally, give us a way to combine medals in the soulforge….even if the conversion is horrible
3xwhite = green, 3x green = blue, 3x blue = purple etc… the ones you get won’t feel like a complete waste of effort. 243 white medals for a Nysha at least is an attainable goal, perhaps.

Regarding the medal conversions, I’m almost wondering at this point if devs just sort of expect/want people to complete their commons and rares, and then use their (inevitable) excess low-tier medals to take that tiny chance at a mythic upgrade for the low, low cost of 10k souls.

THERE’S your soul sink.

It would be a perfecting of the system implemented for weapons: finishing common and rare weapons, and then taking all those free ingots from high delve renown to complete the epic weapons by exchanging them at the 10:1 ratios and a soul tax.

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