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Do you fight non-D12 Explore Mythic Bosses?

I’ve had a feature request on the back burner recently, which is essentially around allowing for the cumulation of Mythstones in Explore – but it comes down to this:

Sometimes, I just wanna veg out, not think too much, play through some battles in a kind of automated puzzle trance for a bit. I’d be fine just playing through Explore difficulty 5, but…

A D5 Mythic Boss costs the same number of Mythstones as a D12 boss, but gives way crappier rewards – so using those precious 100 Mythstones on anything but a D12 Mythic Explore boss feels like a waste.

Now, I could ignore the reward side of things and just play how I wanted to play, but a) it would be nice if the game worked with me on this, and b) the progress and rewards are kind of part of the satisfaction of playing, so it’s not all just about matchy-matchy-boom-boom.

In any case, before getting too deep into requests and things like that, I figured I’d put the question to other people. Do you have any advice for me, in terms of how to handle playing Explore at this difficulty? What do you do? I know some people farm trophies at this level, so I’d be curious to know – do you just keep going through the lower-level bosses and take what you get in return for a smoother, more mindless gameplay?



I’m never concerned about wasting mythic battles on low difficulty. With 70-some myth stones a run on D12 you’ll probably get a mythic battle on your first D12 run, especially if you are following the myth stone bonuses. Occasionally you’ll need to do two battles but they come frequently enough for me.

I wouldn’t recommend chasing mythstone bonus kingdoms though unless you aren’t concerned about what arcane traitstones you get. I swear every other mythstone bonus leads me to an arcane light traitstone kingdom which I have more than I’ll ever need thanks to the Warrens delve.

If I really want to farm a lower level explore for class XP or other reasons and I see my mythstones get to the 80’s I run a level 12 Urskaya once or twice with Scorpius and Euryali to get mythstones down. I don’t like to waste my 100 on a non-12 run either. Every now and then I just run 3 or 4 bonus kingdoms with my usual explore 12 team instead of 2 Urskaya.

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I exclusively play d12s unless I’m specifically farming trophies or gnomes in d5. I also always chase the mythstone bonus because the mythic boss after every run is really great for tokens, but it does mean I have 2.5x Light vs other stones (I use d5s to quickly farm up other stones when I need them). PVP is awful these days so I mostly just farm the option on the left for rank 1 PVP weekly, pet gnomes, and class XP, which is “meh” for gold, so I use explore d12s to get it. Shield of Ursk/Rowanne is just rhythm and I barely watch the screen anymore, just look out of the corner of my eye to see which generator’s full while I’m watching TV. I have a few other teams that pretty much run themselves and I just switch between them when one gets too tiresome or repetitive. Whatever it is, it’s still less tiresome than PVP’s empowered Zuul/Orbweaver/Goblins loop.


I “just keep going through the lower-level bosses and take what [I] get in return for a smoother, more mindless gameplay” at the start of each day to kill off the 100 troops quickly at Explore level 5 then switch to levels 10 and above for the trophies and potential higher tokens.

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Thanks for all the responses so far!

I fight D1 Explore Mythic Bosses when I’m actively soul farming, mainly because swapping over to D12 to use up my stones once an hour feels like it breaks up the flow of soul farming. (Since it usually takes multiple D12 runs to drain it to a range when soul farming won’t hit 100 mythstones super quickly).

If I’m just soul farming until I hit over 100 mythstones one time, then I just swap over to D12.

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Yeah, this. Thank you.

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If I’m solely trophy farming, I will do an E5 boss. If I’m gold farming, I’m on E12 anyways. I’m rarely trophy farming, however - trophies are a pointless metric these days.

During normal time I only play E12 always going for bonus kingdom, thus no problem arises.
During Vault events when I do E3 or E5 (depending on my mood) my mode of playing is to do specific kingdom x times, regardless of any Mythic Bosses, in between and then switch.
When this explore system got freshly released, I initially tried using low-level-accumulated stones for E12 final battle during Vault event but found it to be clunky and just getting on my nerves.


For gnomes (event) I use T5 or 6 with Phoenicia team. When at circa 90 mythstones I then do T12 until I’m down to less than 20, then swap to T5/6. Works okay, T5 is as fast as T2, more gold and generally I go 4/5 T5, swap to T12 team which is in next slot and do maybe 6 12s on spin. Swap kingdoms but not always, traitstones irrelevant.

I hate explore so much, it’s the only time really I play it. Albeit have played more this week to replenish medals


The only reason I’m ever not on D12 is because low-level Explore is a moderately OK way to farm seals. Since I’m not particularly farming medals at that point, I don’t bother toggling to 12 when I have 100 mythstones.