ToD: other option to having to use Heroism scroll if we fail to win in a floor’s boss room the first time?

Platform, device version and operating system:

  • iPad Pro 12.9, iOS 12.4.1 (model #MP6G2CL/A)

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

  • after losing a battle in the boss room (floor 20), I expected to be able to fight again, as that’s what most in my guild remember having done. Instead I only received the offer of using the Heroism scroll that I had just collected. I don’t want to do that unless I have no other choice (it’s best saved for that Spirit Fox boss room coming up eventually!!)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

  • just happened, I don’t remember seeing this problem in any Tower of Doom week before. If it’s related to just finding a heroism scroll, I’m really sorry to be blunt but that sucks a bit.

Steps to make it happen again

  • no way to make it happen again, I’m stuck. That’s it for me this week in ToD, as well as every other member of my guild doing floor 20. Good incentive for everyone else to win that battle? Huge! But still, arrrgh!

Restart game and check if you have any sigils left: if still buggy, might need to send in a ticket :sweat_smile::vulcan_salute:

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thanks, tried that already, no luck & I have 3 sigils left. Yep, time for a ticket.

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Probably another Ipad resolution issue with the button off screen. Do you play gems on another device?

Do you have to hit the unlock room again?