No heroism scroll in tower of doom

Xbox. All 25 floors completely cleared, not a single heroism scroll.

I got two on xbox…one on floor 2 and one on floor 11.

Out of the 4 guilds I have doing ToD. Only 1 has found a Heroism scroll through Floor 12 on all. Seems the drop rate is super low.

O/25 floor with every room cleared is more than low rate lol


Did the epic room on the first floor and found a Heroism Scroll so it is possible to find it if you aren’t rushing straight for the doom and ignoring all the other rooms. Also, people are saying different things which makes me think Tacet saying every floor for every guild had the same drops but was random.

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Every room are same rewards for your guild but is different between other guilds

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On my guild (PC/Mobile) we got Heroism Scrolls on Floors 11 and 13.

Really weird how the RNG is, at least i hope we catched more luck scroll to compensate 0 heroism scroll in 28 floors

We only catched 1 fireball and 2 power and 2-3 luck

Guild just Found another one on lvl15.

My guess is the dev think we are too good and we don’t need heroism scroll so they give it to other guild :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe. We are top 5 on xbox LB though :slight_smile: but I get your point. RNG sucks, and its possible that it was scaled to help lower tier guilds.

This is something that should have RNG applied to where the object appears, not whether it appears.

In a guild-versus-guild competition where every advantage is multiplied by 30, the basic contents of the rooms as a whole should not be different. By this I mean in the 25 levels every guild should have the same number of “premium” scrolls. A guild that is gifted an extra luck scroll can score an additional 60 dooms over another guild with an otherwise indistinguishable performance. This is a huge unfair advantage.

Winning or losing because RNG gives an extra Valraven or two is bad enough, but not normalizing the floor contents across guilds leads to very lopsided results.


Exactly, and I thought scrolls would have been balanced similar to how valravens are since its a guild event. Or maybe it is since minimum of zero and maximum of two is within allowed +/-


See this is what I was expecting to happen.

But then it didnt, and its left a slightly sour taste in my mouth about it all

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My recollection was that Luck scrolls were supposed to be rare—the phrase “one total for each guild every few floors” is stuck in my memory. I would guess that Heroism scrolls are rarer than they were supposed to be, and that Luck scrolls are more common. We’ll have to see what the devs say, though.

Edit: post is 3 days old, but since I saw it I may as well edit it. This information does not seem to be correct.

We’ve received Heroism scrolls, but we aint seen a single fireball scroll yet.


We have beaten floor 17.

0 power
3 luck
1 heroism
0 fireball

It’s only 30 dooms guaranteed. :yum:

My guild, quite a lower level one, has been insanely lucky by comparison. Having fully explored the first 14 floors, we’ve received:

1 power
3 luck
2 heroism
2 fireball

Just 14 floors. When I reach the limit of what I’m able to do, I’ll still be able to advance at least another couple of floors.

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Here over on PS4 in TAG, up to the end of floor 15 we have found the following:

1 Hedonism
3 Luck
4 Fireball
2 Power