No heroism scroll in tower of doom


Just found 2 heroism and 1 Fireball on floor 35. Before that, nothing.


Floor 35?!?



What’s the highest floor then, I thought it only went to 25?

I have 2 heroism, 1 was on floor 22 can’t remember what floor other was on (Xbox)


Sorry my bad, so apparently 25th floor is the ‘Ultimate Doom’, then after that you can just keep going and facing the same battle to earn more points, but not more scrolls. Something along those lines anyways.


I think it’s unlimited but the enemy stats stop to climb after floor 25


Unlimited yea, boss troops cap out at lvl 400 and its the same teams each floor.


The drop rates for Tower of Doom’s Heroism scrolls are very low. They’re also not guaranteed on each floor, so it’s and issue of bad luck and not a bug. Sorry :frowning:


Might not be a bug but very poorly designed. The amount of heroism , luck, fireball and power should be the same for every guild.

Imagine guild A catch 8 luck scroll and guild B get 0 luck scroll

The guild A clearly get advantage of 480 dooms on guild B! How do you want to rivalise with this?

Also the win isn’t suppose to be a question of luck but a question of skills, coordination and communication


Luck is better



If you do get a fireball or heroism scroll, is it in the same location for every guild member or is just random per guild member?


Same for all guild members


Our guild found its first heroism scroll on floor 27. So technically we have one, but half the guild won’t make it far enough to receive it.


We’re on 28 and still no heroism. 2 or fireballs and maybe 4-5 lucks, but no heroism :slightly_frowning_face:


I was responding as if this was a bug report, as the OP indicated.

I’ve moved this from bug reports to game feedback.


I don’t know how to articulate how I feel about this, but it’s bad.

I don’t like leaderboard chases or the things they encourage, but I believe in a fair race. I’ve had a lot of “very low probability” things happen to me for better or worse. Example: I rarely get a payoff from Mercy. But also something like 6 of my first 10 orbs were Ascension.

Buying sigils with gems is already a fractional proposition.

  • You start with an expectation that it will cost 2 sigils per “point”.
  • You won’t win 100%, so you adjust expectations slightly more than 2 per “point”.
  • Luck scrolls make up for it and probably push the average back down to “less than 2 per point”.
  • Heroism scrolls vary so wildly you may as well assume you don’t get them. If you do, you get something between 4 and 5 sigils worth of value out of them, IMO.

So a heroism scroll’s worth about 125 gems if we look at the store rate and assume leaderboard chasers buy the highest tier an awful lot. And some people are getting multiple. If I didn’t already detest the leaderboard chase, this would turn me off from it.

The leaderboards abuse the game’s gambling addicts the most. They’re the most despicable part of GoW. This one’s particularly vile, because not everyone will get the same value out of the shop tiers they buy.


I do agree with this, for the most part. Some info from another thread

suggests that Luck scrolls are more evenly distributed, but I agree that Heroism/Fireball scrolls should be, too, for the sake of leaderboard (or even just guild reward) fairness.


I think this analysis is flawed. A heroism/Fireball saves you exactly the 1 sigil you would have spent to fight the battle you’re automatically winning. You still have to spend a sigil or fireball to defeat an unlock room before you can even open the boss to use heroism.

Saying heroism is worth 4-5 sigils isn’t correct unless you would have spent 4-5 losing to the boss. It’s worth 1 + any lost battles you saved yourself from incurring.

Unless I misunderstand how heroism is used, but seeing that we haven’t hit any in the 29 floors we’ve opened I can’t confirm. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You can straight up use heroism scroll to beat the boss room without having to find the unlock


I stand corrected. Thanks!


Yeah that’s what you were missing, easy mistake. I get luck/haste scrolls mixed up when describing effects.

To clarify for other readers:

Heroism is the one that automatically ends the floor. So if you use it before spending any sigils, you get +1 Doom for 0 sigils and you move to another floor. There are some idealized cases where you get way more than 4-5 sigils of value out of it, but expecting those is silly!