No heroism scroll in tower of doom


We finally got a heroism scroll at floor 38 lol very funny 3/4 of the guild won’t reach that floor


Frankly, I am amazed that anyone in any guild can make it that far.


This is @Rickygervais we’re talking about here - he eats, sleeps and poops GoW! I swear he doesn’t sleep more than 3 hours/day and even so i think he’s able to play while he’s sleeping! Frankly i’m surprised he hasn’t hit level 50 yet! :sunglasses:


Just completed Floor 45, five wins in a row. 100% of rooms cleared on all 45 floors. 137 Boons & 65 dooms. Am shooting for floor 50. Will post the team tomorrow night if you are interested.
Made it onto floor 55. Final was 78 Dooms & 168 Boons.


We finally hit a heroism scroll on floor 32. Guess better late than never even if half the guild wont get a chance to use it.

Edit: and just found a 2nd heroism on floor 33.


Bumping for visibility. Please review scroll distribution to give all guilds an equal opportunity in this competitive mode :pray:


Floor 35

We only got

2 heroism
2 luck
0 fireball
2 power


Through 30 floors we have
2 heroism
3 luck
1 fireball (floor 24 or 25)

I didn’t keep track of the power but I do remember at least 1 room having it.


Floor 34 here.
8 Luck scrolls.

Shows how imbalanced this mode is .


Scrolls for my guild:

It’s beyond absurd that the locations for Fireball and Heroism scrolls are not static. If they cannot make them static for every guild then they should do away with them altogether.

This is the second event in a row that we have not gotten one of these 2 scrolls by this stage.


As another datapoint: Through 15 floors, 3 Heroism, 1 Fireball, 2 Luck so far.


Up to floor 21 my guild had 3 Heroism and 3 Luck. I think this should be a proper distribution for all guilds, one of each after 7 floors. (I think i suggested this exact distribution before, but not here it seems…)


That’s defo a good idea.

X now 40 floors cleared here and got:

9 luck
3 heroism
2 fireball
10 haste (3 of those was on floor 39 alone lol).
4 power

Even tho we got a above average number of luck’s first heroism is at floor 27 so ppls gotta get past the “sigil eater wall” of spirit and fox bosses.

Maybe every 7 is even too much and i would add fireball’s to the list.

I would remove fireball, heroism and luck from random drop (replace with normal boons) and add them as fixed drop from bosses, i would say each 10 (with fireball starting at 5), would be like:

Boss 5 fireball scroll, boss 10 luck+heroism, boss 15 fireball, boss 20 luck+heroism and so on.

That allow you to skip the annoying bosses (aka spirit and fox at F20+) but not too much.


0 Heroism scrolls in the first 25 floors this week. I guess we were due to be :nut_and_bolt:d. :+1:


LOL, We got a heroism on floor one this week :face_with_monocle:

But they should equalize the distribution somehow.


They do. They slap some RNG on it and wait until everyone complains about it. Then they call it balanced because it eventually ruins us all for the week. I mean it’s only 30 guaranteed Dooms for a guild. No reason to keep them balanced like they do with Luck scrolls. :roll_eyes:

(I know at least 1 guild has still gotten 1st despite this “bad luck”. So I don’t mean “ruin” like you can’t win despite it. I mean ruin like it takes the air out of your sail.


We’ve also had no heroism in first 25 floors :flushed:


Valravens have a different RNG. They will always average out to 1:4 battles in Raid/Invastion for example so it’s fair for everyone. There is no reason whatsoever they can’t do the same with scrolls.


Tbh heroism’s and winning didnt got much in common, not that you need heroism to win but just lot of ppls tht drop lot of gems on shop x more sigils, no heroism just mean some more sigils needed and that is.

But wasting gems is something i refuse to do on those tod’s that give garbage weapons (used the stone scrolls to make Club +10 instead of upping the… w/e is the name of this ToD).


My guild has never seen a Heroism scroll and we usually get to floor 30/31 each time. Please tell me how that is fair devs, hmm?