No heroism scroll in tower of doom


We finally got a heroism scroll at floor 38 lol very funny 3/4 of the guild won’t reach that floor


Frankly, I am amazed that anyone in any guild can make it that far.


This is @Rickygervais we’re talking about here - he eats, sleeps and poops GoW! I swear he doesn’t sleep more than 3 hours/day and even so i think he’s able to play while he’s sleeping! Frankly i’m surprised he hasn’t hit level 50 yet! :sunglasses:


Just completed Floor 45, five wins in a row. 100% of rooms cleared on all 45 floors. 137 Boons & 65 dooms. Am shooting for floor 50. Will post the team tomorrow night if you are interested.
Made it onto floor 55. Final was 78 Dooms & 168 Boons.


We finally hit a heroism scroll on floor 32. Guess better late than never even if half the guild wont get a chance to use it.

Edit: and just found a 2nd heroism on floor 33.