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(Not A bug) I can't use a heroism scroll in the doom tower

I have a heroism scroll in the doom tower but I can’t use it. Also, when I entered the tower today it showed that I already had a scroll though there was none in my inventory at the time.

This is a Legendary Room and the scroll only work on the Boss Room, the fifth room with a Doom Troop among the enemies.
This room.


Sniped! :smile:
@godfatherrules Fireball scroll let’s you skip those other rooms

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You’re right. My screenshot is misleading. I couldn’t use it on the last floor either.

Weird, you’ll have to wait until Cyrup or Kafka check your account, it’s night time in Australia, but meanwhile you could try leaving the game and coming back, in case an asset is failing to load it could be fixed the next time you start the game.

Well this time it did work on this floor. That still leaves the problem of it showing I had a scroll I didn’t actually have though.

As you can see I’m on the next floor and it still shows a scroll but none in the inventory. I don’t think it’s anything I’m supposed to have but don’t. I just think it’s a glitch showing that I have something I don’t. It may have caused me confusion on the previous floor. Maybe I got a different scroll on the previous floor and only thought I had the heroism scroll bec it did work once I got to the boss.

You had one scroll showed in the first picture, but on this next one you don’t have it anymore because you used it:


Yes. That’s what I think too. Not that I act have a scroll just yet it’s showing I do.

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It doesn’t show you that you have a scroll, it just shows you that it costs one scroll to auto-win the battle. The scrolls you own are shown on the right side.

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To back up this statement. If you had a scroll then your button would be a solid green.

Please add “not a bug” to your topic @godfatherrules

Thanks everyone for helping explain and great screnshots by the way :smiley: