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[More info needed] TOD scrolls bug


Screenshot or image:

When we use an heroism or fireball scroll, the game starts loading indefinitely, and we need to restart the game, the room is done but we cant know what’s inside the room

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always when you use a scroll

Steps to make it happen again
whenever you use a scroll


Guildie of mine had the same problem with the scrolls too

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yeah the same problem

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Me too

Something similar was reported the last TOD, I think it was mostly on the Switch.

Its too bad they don’t work on the weekends or it could have been fixed.


The bug was first report 2 months ago and it hasn’t been fixed so don’t think it is weekends. This is the Switch’s 3rd ToD with the bug so hopefully it gets fixed now that other platforms are reporting the issue.


iOS 14.0.1
Heroism scroll to skip Floor 26.
(Note: After restarting the game I had moved up to 27 so at least I didn’t lose the scroll.

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Happened to me and other guild members today when using Fireball scrolls on PS4.

It crashes the game but fortunately clears the room and got the scroll from it.

Still not good though.

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This happened to me on Android. Lost a Heroism scroll, but didn’t get credit for the floor/Doom.

Well well well. Yet another bug. Bugs of war. I guess this has been happening on switch a couple months ago. A former player submitted a report that was I guess was ignored. These bugs that never get fixed is why he left!!!

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@Kafka doesn’t frequent the forums as much as you. It’d be nice to know if this very much annoying QoL life issue can be fixed with a server patch this week or if it can’t be resolved without a Client Patch.

To reiterate what the bug is.

When using a heroism scroll or fireball scroll, players are getting an infinite loading screen that can only be resolved by restarting their devices.
Evidently this issue has existed for months on the Nintendo Switch. But is new to PC/Mobile users. The bug didn’t exist during PC/Mobiles last Tower of Doom week prior to Campaigns being started.

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I’m currently at 9 minutes of the rainbow circle of doom after using a scroll to instantly defeat at boss room. This is the third time this has happened to me, but by far the longest time it’s been going. Very frustrating :frowning: Using a laptop running Steam.

This is related:

On Xbox One, my game has been hard crashing/no cliffy error message whenever I use a Fireball Scroll or a Heroism Scroll. Whenever I boot up the game, I’m able to continue as normal and I’ve gotten the rewards from the room I skipped. (300 gold, 4 glory, 30 souls)

Still, the hard crashes are mildly annoying.

Edit: at least the crash isn’t every time, managed to get 1 Fireball in today with no issue. Still the majority though

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Cliffy Errors (to this degree) are recently new. Just started springing up the past week and a half or so.
This infinite loading screen has existed for months according to Switch users when playing Tower of Doom.
So are you absolutely SURE that the issues are related?

Or do you see loading issues and your brain just connected the two due to C.O.B.??

Logic tells me that the two issues aren’t related. But you’re the developer here. Not I.

@Kafka i’ve already contact the support. The problem is your support team it is really really really slow to give an answer or solve a problem, in the past i waited 1-2 weeks for have an answer and the event finish sunday. When they want repair the error? I have read, you already know this bug since 3 months and it is still in the game. This a bad management. Or I wrong? In this case let me know what i dont understand. Have a nice day!

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In TOD I am not getting an error. It just won’t let you use a scroll without taking you to restart game. I stopped using them because it’s just too annoying. You can only use them if you know what is in the room. If you use them on a non scouted room then good luck finding out what was behind it unless it’s unlock. I’m on the Xbox as well. The cliffy errors are a separate issue I think.

When i explore i use the fireball when i have already 3 rooms explored and there isnt the unlock room. So I know the unlock room is in the 4th room and i use the fireball and i restart the game, i did the same with heroism scroll. It is really boring but i want use all seals before the weekend because there is a new delve, i hope without bug :joy:

Just used a heroism scroll causing the game to freeze before being sent to the dashboard… When will this game ever run flawlessly???

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The fireball scrolls will work properly if you use them on rooms that don’t unlock the Doom room.