Doom Event: Remove scroll randomness to make the event fair for every guild participating

First of all I would like to say that I really enjoy Doom events, but it has one major flaw in my opinion, and that is the randomness of Heroism and Fireball scrolls from one guild to the next. For instance my guild is currently in 2nd place with 631 Dooms defeated. So far we’ve only had one Fireball scroll and 0 Heroism scrolls. So I decided to see how many the guild in first place had received. They currently have defeated 639 Dooms and so far they’ve gotten 4 Heroism scrolls and 1 Fireball. If this is to be a true “competition” then I feel that these two scrolls in particular should be static from one guild to the next and remove the silly randomness from the equation, especially when it involves a leaderboard and rewards.


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Luck scrolls also factors a lot since they instantly add +2 for each guild member who gets them.

I my guild up to floor 23 we found 2 Heroism Scrolls and 0 Fireball. I basically used these two Heroism Scrolls to beat floors 24 and 25 for the Forge Scrolls only, not for the leaderboard.


I told my guild at the start of the week.
RNG between floors 1-25 will determine if we go for #1 again.
We’ve had 2 heroism scrolls and 4 luck scrolls between Floors 1-24.
We still haven’t decided if we’re going to push for #1. But if we do…I get it… It’s unfair. 🤷

(Fireball rooms really don’t matter).

As the mentioned guild in 1st, I had no problem at all sharing our info with @Macawi. I too firmly believe that in a competition like this that there should be a level playing field. All of the scrolls should have a set number for each guild, possibly in blocks of 10 floors for randomness sake.

I would also be extremely unhappy if the number of Luck scrolls had any great variance as those are extremely important in deciding the final positions. Seems fairly even now but if those numbers grow in disparity I would hope a fix would be coming asap.


I agree about the Luck scrolls, I forgot to mention them in my OP but they are important. The game already has enough RNG in it without it being a factor in guild competitions.
So how to make it better? One thing that comes to mind would be to make all scroll drops static and not dynamic, for all guilds. For example when a guild reaches level 20 it will have x amount of each scroll. The more that a guild advances, the more scrolls that they accumulate. That’s how it should be.

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My casual guild. FTR has gotten 4 luck scrolls in 18 floors.
The reverse argument is. A casual guild like them might be able to to finish the event because of getting really lucky. If the scrolls were static then they would have no chance to finish.
I’m not sure what the balance is. But I would hate for a change to be a nerf to 95% of the guilds in the game to make it more fair for 5% of the other guilds.

I think there should be X amount of each scroll over the first 25 floors that is the same for every guild, with each guild having its own random distribution of where they fall over those 25 floors.

After that, because in essence you are expanding the amount of scrolls given since the boss will now start giving one, have another set group of floors (possibly even 25 for consistency sake) that has a random but set number of each scroll.

If your guild gets to floor 50, it will have the same chance to collect the same scrolls as any other guild that gets to 50.

Maybe you get lucky in that the ‘better’ random scrolls show up earlier or unlucky in that they are all grouped at the top, but it should still all even out in the end.

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I understand your point, but if the scrolls were static and a guild failed to finish the event; then they didn’t put forth the amount of work required and would have no one to blame except for themselves. I’m a firm believer in working for something that you want and not depending on luck to get it.

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Yeah, initially in the old thread i considered that Luck scrolls could just be removed entirely for the sake of the competition, but if we get a set number of those scrolls it’s still possible to coordinate the guildies and finish all, or nearly all, base rewards which are not that great so far, but well…

Having a static amount of scrolls properly distributed by a certain number of floors would even help the devs with any possible adjustments in the future.

If we have 01 Luck scroll at each set of 07 Floors then it means every guild can have 180 extra Dooms by the end of the 21th floor ( 7+7+7 = 03 Scrolls = 06 Dooms x 30 Guildies = 180) and some slightly variation to also give some divergent scores nudged by some luck factor on the last four floors that will bring variance to the leaderboard AND maybe drive some more gem spending (and potential gems’ pruchases) if needed.

You may be playing the wrong game then. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though… It’s not really a matter of luck or working hard to get first place. It’s who’s willing to dump the most gems into the event.
Bracket 1 guilds get the most gems in the game therefore will always have an advantage in every gem sink event. To me that’s fair though since making your way to bracket 1 and staying there is the most difficult thing in the game to do.

I’m just worried about the devs making changes in any form. More often than not it hurts the player in the long run whenever they “improve” things.
Outside of taking Dawnbringer out of the arena. I can’t think of a single beneficial change that didn’t have consequences to them.

That would be great. But unfortunately…I see them doing something more towards 1 luck scroll per 25 floors.
My guild got to floor 103 last time and won the event. So the possible changes wouldn’t of effected us.
But the devs consider getting past floor 25 as a “mad respect” achievement. Which tells me that 95% of the guilds aren’t even making it to floor 25. There’s A LOT of guilds in the game. Any change will surely hurt them. Just to make it more fair for the top 3 finishers.

Because the feature is honestly really unbalanced in my opinion, i’m not even sure if it’ll achieve some basic expectations from the business/sales perspective. As a prototype it’s fun, but it hardly lives up to its own potential right now.

It’s all about the details really, the lack of proper basic rewards, the huge gap in power against the A.I no matter how many Buff/Stats Scrolls we collect because it’s designed with diminishing returns and other things.

First place requires thousands of gems being invested by most if not all of its members in that guild. I’m sure it’s working as intended.

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As we found out last time from @HugeOgre’s data collection thread, luck scrolls fluctuated between 5 and 7 for everyone between level 1 and 25. That small deviation is fair enough to me. However, heroism scrolls had a large deviation. Some guilds had 0 drop while another had 6.

Basically, they need to handle fireball and heroism scrolls the same way they do luck scrolls.


I will continue to stand by my opinion that not a single one of these leaderboards is a real indication of anything.

Working for maybe 5% of the player base while the other 95% feels like:

  • The event is not fun.
  • The event is not rewarding.
  • The event doesn’t gives a chance to compete against already well-estabilished guilds.
  • The resources and time comitment required is not worth it because of all the above…

I don’t see how the devs still manage to not consider for some very basic premisses like these (some of which we can see constantly in many requests/complaints on all previous events) when designing stuff supposedly intended to bring changes into the game’s economy…

It does take skill to beat a level 400 team consistently enough to get #1 with 3/4 (if not all) monocolor team.


To address these concerns.
Personally I don’t hear amazing things from any guild event but in order of most fun to least fun. The feedback I get is…

  1. Guild wars
  2. Invasions
  3. Tower of Doom
  4. Raids

But none of this is really the OP’s point so I’m gonna respect her topic and end my thoughts there.

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True, things are going around another direction. Hopefully some of these concerns, not only for Tower of Doom reach the devs when they decide to make an overhaul as well when they consider their next gamemode.