Doom Event: Remove scroll randomness to make the event fair for every guild participating

I agree with that it would be nice if there were less variation in obtaining the good scrolls between the guilds, than it currently is.

Doom is my fav event by far. I look forward to it a billion times more than raid and invasion, and there isn’t the high stakes’ stress of gw.

That said, I absolutely a thousand times agree that every guild should have fireball and heroism scrolls in the first 10-15 floors in equal amounts. I got to floor 40 and was like, the hell? surely there will be one heroism scroll. Floor 50, still nada, floor 60, nothing. Every room mapped and still not a single sniff of one. That’s not only insanely unlikely, even with bad rng, it’s hella unfair.

Also, 1000 gems reward for winning 1st, 800 for 2nd. Otherwise, what’s the flaming point?


Your guild is in first place for ToD this week without a single Heroism scroll in 60 floors? Not even from Boss Victories?
How about luck scrolls?

I just wish a guild on XBOX would grow up. Every time they are not leading they PM me that we are cheating. The shit is getting old. Same guild called this a GEM sink. Why are they sinking their Gems in it then. They can win but they better get out their wallet. Enough is enough. Oh btw when they get 1st all you hear from us is crickets.

In the current event, we have 4th heroism scroll on floor 34. Previous event our first heroism scroll was on floor 54.
Randomness is just too big for such valuable scroll. That’s not healthy for competition.


If you don’t want them to PM you on here or on Xbox. Then ask them not to. If they continue to then block them or flag them so the mods are alerted about it.
I like @Macawi so please don’t derail her thread about Xbox drama. :grinning:


Heroism is great. Yes. But Luck is much more valuable. So I’m personally more interested to hear about those drop rates from other guilds in the top 5 on PC/Mobile.

Luck is much more consistent. Devs stated that it will be 1 luck scroll per X floors. So far I can see that’s always exactly 5 luck scrolls in first 24 floors. That’s true for all 4 guilds in our alliance in all 3 ToD events.


I never read that. So here’s what we have in the fAWRmily in the first 25 Floors in regards to luck scrolls.
AWR - 5
GNR - 5
FTR - 5
RAR - N/A (didn’t map to floor 25)

Gotcha… So now I really understand what the issue is. Thanks @Neritar.

I believe on floor 25 we have a possibility for 6th Luck scroll. In the current event, our guild has that. But I specifically mention 24 floors. In some way, that makes sense - 24 floors it’s pre-Ultimate Doom stage and starting from floor 25 it’s Ultimate Doom stage.

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Nope, not a one.

Luck was in a regular amt, every 5-10 floors.

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Y’all spent A LOT of gems then.
Tip of the hat to you.

I would like to echo Macawi’s thoughts and add a few of my own. Early in the week our guild (Dominant) was in first place. We were excited and then all of a sudden we were not with no chance of getting back there. We are on floor 41 right now with not a single heroism scroll. Needless to say our guild has never recovered. Both previous ToD events we were top 10. No chance of that this time based on this format. Something needs to change. I hope the Devs are paying attention.


As a fellow member of Dominant, my personal experience is that this lack of heroism scrolls has limited my play this go around. I’m completely STUCK at a boss room with no hope of going any further to help my guild. I can only spend so many gems to keep losing. It’s completely ridiculous, in my mind, that some guilds have gotten 3 or more heroism scrolls in the first 10 or 15 levels! Hopefully the devs hear us and do something about this! Thanks Macawi for bringing it up!!

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Totally agree with you Macawi. Very well put and quite tackful I might add.

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My guild is currently on level 23 and you can see what we have to show for it. I have not seen a dev comment on this but the “luck” factor of the locations of these two scrolls, in particular, needs to be made static for every guild participating. RNG with these scrolls directly impacts a guild’s success in this event and it’s a true travesty for a guild to be handicapped due to RNG screwing them over. If the amount of these scrolls cannot be the same for every guild participating, then they should be done away with entirely, it’s just that simple. At least that way we all would be on the same playing field and that’s all that anyone can ask for in a “competition”.
I really like this event and think that it has plenty of potential, but in order for that potential to be reached there has to be consistency in regards to these scrolls, making it a level playing field for everyone.


I scouted to 22 this morning. Not a single heroism. Last ToD we didn’t get one till floor 30 if i remember correctly

While other guilds’ are getting upwards of 3 or 4, or more, of these scrolls for doing the exact same thing and progressing to that same point. To be fair it’s not a “competition” between other guilds, instead it’s a competition against luck and that aspect needs to be removed.


I agree. We also have only found 1 fireball in 22 floors too. We seem to have bad luck with these two scrolls every ToD. We still score well but could maybe do better with a few more heroism’s and fireballs :woman_shrugging:

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This is what we got in 21 floors so far:

Unlock - 21
Heroism - 1
Power - 1
Fireball - 0
Luck - 4
Haste - 8
Magic - 6
Attack - 11
Armor - 15
Life - 17