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Haste scrolls need to be evenly distributed in the Tower of Doom

In the Tower of Doom, it’s well known that Luck, Fireball, and Heroism scrolls are guaranteed to appear at a certain rate across a number of floors. Valravens are also supposed to appear by a certain of rooms. These measures are sensible in the interests of fairness to different guilds.

This Tower of Doom, my guild has not found a single Haste scroll in the first 16 floors. I have never seen this happen before. In fact, we found a Heroism scroll before we found a single Haste scroll! While I concede that RNG is RNG and mapping mistakes can occasionally happen, I don’t believe that our level 900+ mappers can have slipped up often enough over 64 rooms to miss all of what should be a reasonable numbers of Haste scrolls. After all, we’ve found Luck/Fireball/Heroism scrolls at the usual rate.

For comparison, two other guilds in our family have found 10 and 6 Haste scrolls, respectively, in the first 16 floors. This variability in Haste scroll drop rates seems unreasonable because Haste scrolls affect the maximum number of rooms that a competent player with a given number of sigils can clear, and in turn the number of Valravens that they can encounter. From this standpoint, I believe that Haste scrolls need to be treated like Valravens, in that a guild should be able to find X Haste scrolls in Y rooms, for reasonable values of X and Y.

Here’s what our map looks like so far:



During one of the Q&A streams I asked if haste scrolls would be regulated similar to heroism and luck scrolls. Sirrian said he would look into it.
God knows how long ago that was. Maybe 2 Q&A ago. :man_shrugging:



Previous ToD, we had 2 haste scrolls in the first 15 floors. This time around, 8. It makes a big difference in how far up the tower the guild can make it. Would be nice to make it more consistent.

Same we map and confront RNG inconsistency every event. However a quick solution, not likely. And at the risk of getting a bit off topic- the rewards seem sparser too.

I’m of the opinion that all scroll types should be normalized for all guilds over at most 12 floor or so increments. The order can and should be random within the set so guilds have to do their own individual scouting, but I don’t know why we go with wild variances on what is available even for the fillery stat point type stuff.


last ToD we had our first Power scroll arround floor 27-28… also not so many Haste scrolls on the way

this weeks it seems RNG is more generous than last time