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Tired of inactive guild leaders?

After a futile attempt at rallying the guild I was in so we would all stand a higher chance at obtaining Famine this past week, I grew annoyed at the demoralized lack of participation caused by an absent guild leader, and decided to started my own guild (Knife Party). I’m building it from the ground up, and would like to recruit players who are looking for an active guild leader, and who are willing to hold up their own end of the bargain by contributing gold regularly and playing PVP so we can raise in rank. I will, of course be doing the same.

My goal for this guild is to grow together by merging resources and working together.

The chat room will be used actively to discuss guild goals (when there is one), as well as allowing guild members to speak directly with me and amongst themselves.

I plan on only keeping members who remain active. However, if a guild member will be away for some period of time, they will be able to remain in the guild, as long as I’m notified of the length of absence via the chat room. If you’re in an admin position in the guild and will be gone for longer than 3 weeks, a demotion will be put into effect, at least temporarily, to maintain smooth running of the guild.

Likewise, if I am gone for more than 3 weeks, I will put someone in charge of running the guild, at least temporarily.

Expectations to stay in guild:

  1. Contribute gold and play PVP regularly
  2. Check the message board regularly, and post if you’ll be away from gameplay for a week or more.
  3. Be ok with being demoted (at least temporarily) if you’ll be away for 3 weeks or more.

The growth of the guild will be the main goal. Merging resources and communication will be our tools.

If this sounds like the type of guild you’d like to be in, respond with your username, and I’ll send you an invite.

I promise to be an involved and responsive guild leader.

If it matters: I’m playing on mobile.

Hey there. I am the leader of a guild right now that is pretty active. Guild name is hung jury and we currently have 28/30 members. We generate around 300 keys and 300 gems a week. Could be more. I haven’t tracked it very closely. We have around 4 or 5 members with all kingdoms level 10. And many others are working on maxing their kingdoms out. There are some inactive members in the guild that are more or less acting as place holders for when more active members want to join. We have all gem masteries at 26+ and we are currently ranked 322 in the guild league. We’ve accomplished all of this in less than 2 months. I typically donate well over 1 million gold a week. I tell members to focus on leveling their kingdoms, then try to contribute gold to tasks. We prioritize gems/keys/guild token tasks. I don’t set minimum requirements for players because I want them to enjoy the game. But, inactive members may be kicked. Most of us are active in chat. Especially me. If you’re not to set on your new guild, and have only a few members in your guild now, we could merge the two? If you would be interested in joining us, let me know. Otherwise, good luck with your guild.

Your guild sounds like a breath of fresh air and a wonderful match for what I’m looking for.! Nobody in my guild yet, so there’s nobody to merge.

My invite code is: missmeowsers

Thanks so much for reaching out! I’m excited to join!

I’ve disbanded my guild, so I can accept invitations.

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Awesome! Happy to have you on board. I’ve been trying to recruit more active players. I know how it is starting out. I try to get recruits all the time, but many end up elsewhere. Invite sent. Welcome aboard.

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You are good at recruitment @GREEK-13!

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Haha! Thanks. I’m trying to get some good guild members on the team.

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