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Friendly, active guild looking for new members! (Top 100 PC/Mobile) ✌

Hello friends! Looking for a new guild mate :slight_smile: The name is hung jury, platform PC/Mobile, rank 98.

Weekly requirements are 360k gold and 667 seals (1000 on Mythic week), 50+ trophies and Guild Wars participation. Other Guild events are strongly encouraged but not mandatory since they are a grind :slight_smile:

We do Legendary Tasks weekly and 40k seals on Mythic weeks (sometimes on β€œnomal” weeks as well), but we would love some active players to improve things even further!

We are very friendly and offer lots of help with game tactics and stuff. Discord is preferred to stay in touch :slight_smile:

Join us~! Please send me your invite code if interested :slight_smile:

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Hello! Bumping this topic since we are recruiting again! Requirements are still the same of course. Join us! :slight_smile:

Invite code: GenerousHotshot33299_UKPY

Hello! I am interested in joining – can we talk on discord? I have a few questions. @MCsocko#5111 on discord

Roster full for now! Thanks for all the messages and interest in joining <3

Hi everyone! Bumping the topic because we have spots available now. The reqs are same as above. Join us!