Join hung jury and let's become a great guild together

So I started a guild about a month ago. We have 30 members, but some are inactive. So, I’m keeping them around as space fillers until more active players want to join. This is a laid back guild. I don’t set requirements on members. Just play the game regularly so that tasks aren’t wasted. We are less than one month old and are already a top 1,000 guild. We get 100% daily bonus, and 11 to all gem masteries. We are steadily rising in the ranks. Especially now that another very active member in the guild has all kingdoms maxed as of yesterday. I have been doing the majority of the gold donating so far. I’ve donated 2 million in the first month and that will surely double now. If you are focusing on leveling your kingdoms for the time being, that is fine. As I said before, the only requirement is that you enjoy the game and play regularly. Also, I ask that when you donate gold, focus on gems and keys tasks. If none are available, put gold into the cheapest task and more gems/keys tasks will be made available. We are already completing tasks all the time and it will only get better as more people in the guild max out their kingdoms. If this sounds like a guild that you would be interested in joining leave your invite code below, and I will make room for you. Cheers.