Hung jury is recruiting! 200k + 500s min

Our guild aims at casual and mid-core players, so the requirements will be moderate.
Guardian statues are at level 100+ and the guild chest reaches lvl 5(20k seals) by the end of the week. We tend to focus completing blue tasks every week since those reward gems, the premium currency of the game. The next priority should be to even out the rest of the tasks until the end of the week.
The requirements:

  • a minimum of 200k-300k Gold/week
  • a minimum of 500 seals/week
  • level 150-200+(that means you need to have all kingdoms leveled to 10 so you can donate gold to tasks)
    If you are interested and you think you can meet the requirements please leave your current guild and post your invite code below. You’re welcome. :wink:

Hey… This might be a stupid question, but do you need a username and an invite code…? Mine are the same, but in case it’s case sensitive:

Username: WhoreBag
Invite code: WHOREBAG

I’m level 320 and play pretty consistently. Usually get all 1500 seals and average 500,000+ gold each week. Lately I’m gaming way more cause I’m taking care of my dad (on hospice) but i don’t want to commit to a hardcore guild. I just left the guild I’ve been in because there are too many members who log in regularly but don’t contribute anything… So. Onward and upward, right? :smile:


Lvl 615.
invite code : DEMO_3

@CatalinM Can my friend and I join? We each contribute 250k+ a week, 1500 seals weekly. I am level 101 and he is ~60. But we love Gems of War. Been playing a lot of hours per day.

Invite code: hoangtruong33 and Redemption4Yu

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@catalinM Sounds good! Send invite now. See you in game

Let me know when you are online and I will invite you!!

I am interested and can meet requirements
Invite code ptravill

I would like to join if there are still slots available. Thank you.
lvl 347.
Invite code: EXON

Are there 3 slots open? We come in pack of 3 , daily players and can meet your guild requirement
Ingame codes

Kuro - KURO_21 - lvl 232
H4make0 - H4MAKE0 - Lvl 216
Henry - HENRY_52 - lvl 156


Ok please send recruit invitation

Can you pls invite my friends as well kuro_21 and henry_52? Thanks

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im 280,my cities are all lvl10, casually regular older player looking for a guild.
inv code is FREEMAN_20
also, destiny fan :slight_smile:

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Would this guild suit your needs for your let’s play account? @Tacet