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Hung jury (top 100) recruitment

We’re actually 122 in the guild leaderboard at the moment, but we’ve gone up 30+ spots every week for several weeks now. Just a matter of time til were top 100. We have all masteries 45+. We get a lot of gems and keys every week also. We’re currently at over 1,000 of each this week alone. I don’t set minimum trophies/gold requirements on our recruits. I only ask that you play regularly and focus on gems/keys/blue guild tokens when you do contribute. If you become an inactive player (not logged in for 1 week or more, or don’t contribute to tasks) you may get the boot. Nothing personal. Strictly business. We are also active in chat. If you have all level 10 kingdoms (or close to all kingdoms level 10) leave your info and invite code below.


I would like to join your guild. I am an active player lvl 120, all my cities are lvl 10, I can do guaranteed 100 trophies per week and 100.000 gold donations (this week i had 500 trophies and 400.000 gold donated, but not all my weeks are the same :stuck_out_tongue: ). I am a vice-leader in the guild i am in but somehow i cannot convince players to stop donating towards maps and souls, this is the main reason why i am trying to find a guild of likely-minded players.
Please let me know if you are interested in having me in your guild.
My invite code is JENNIFER 30 but I will not be leaving the guild I am in untill I hear your reply :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Ok. I’ll send you an invite. Let me know when you’ve left your current guild.

I have left, waiting for your invite when you can :slight_smile: thank you

You’re welcome. Invite sent. Welcome to the guild.

Thank you very much :smiley:

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You’re welcome.

Send me an invite Dr. Mantis Toboggan, with the comma or try Dr. Mantis Toboggan without the comma, dunno which one works as i had a naming issue.

If you select the options menu (cog wheel icon) from the map, you will see your invite code at the bottom. What is it? Please include underscores (_) if they’re present. Also, what’s your level? Do you have all your kingdoms level 10? Sorry, but I want to make sure we’re recruiting active players. No offense.

It’s Dr. Mantis Toboggan, with the comma. I currently have all but 3 kingdoms, most level 3. I’ve only been playing a week, although i have 30 hours spent in the game, so that’s spending ~7 hours a day on the game. I’m currently level 47

Ok. I really only wanted people that already had leveled up their kingdoms. But, we’ll give it a go. If you play like you say you do, you should be able to level up your kingdoms fairly quickly. I would suggest playing pvp the most. And saving gems for dragon armor to double your gold rewards. You’ll need lots of gold to level up your kingdoms. Once your kingdoms are leveled up, donate your gold to guild tasks. When you do donate to tasks, only donate to gem, keys, or blue token (11,000) tasks. Maps and souls are a waste of gold and are not nearly as beneficial as the other tasks are.

yeah I’m already max rank on pvp, i’ve been grinding it, I’m about to unlock 2 of the last 3 kingdoms, if you can’t invite me for some reason I’m on global 001

You need to type your invite code exactly as it appears in your options menu. I’ve tried several variations of what you’ve previously stated was your name, and none of them work. If there is an underscore, type it out please. Like dr.mantis_toboggan, Whatever characters are shown, please include them here so I can send a proper invite.

Ok. I got it I think. Sorry. Invite sent.

Thanks. I made a mistake.

I can contribute probably around 100k a week, i am level 74. I have not been focusing on kingdoms up until now so they are not level 10, but it is my primary focus now, Ill probably also be buying death knight armor soon-ish mostly because i think its the only in-store item worth buying.
Invite code is Malfii the Lord

Hey, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we have all spots filled right now. If one becomes available, I’ll post here. Sorry. Hope you find a good guild in the meantime.

I’m looking for a new guild as my current one is not active. I
am level 274 and get to tier 1 each week. I also have all kingdoms
leveled, so can contribute all my gold to tasks.

Any spots open?



Hey there. Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we don’t have any open spots right now. But, if we get one soon, I’ll send you a message.