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For the last time… I’ll ask this question again. Have you used Warlord at level 100 talent tree?
I have no interest in comparing builds. But I can tell you I can win a ranked PvP match in 30 seconds easy with it. (3 trophy match and not fire Bombs).


Are you talking about the triple burn damage? I will recommend you to read the post above,
PS enjoy your warlord play I am done with this topic.


I prefer dragonguard for the extra defense too. The warlord class can be good too depending on build but to me the dragon is more versatile


Bonus Guild Seals received through the mail (i.e. Daily Login Reward, Guild Wars wins) should be collected after you hit 1,500 Seals on the week whenever possible. If you collect them prior to hitting 1,500 Seals, they will be counted toward your 1,500 cap. If you are able to collect them after you hit 1,500 Seals, the Seals will be added to your total above and beyond that cap.


Added some notes. :grinning:


I actually thought a lot about the “level everything to 5” vs. “focus on Magic bonus” myself. Here’s how I thought it through.

First: how often do you, personally, collect tributes? I try to collect 6-10 per day, I use phone reminders. I’ll bet a lot of people only collect tribute 2 or 3 times per day or less. If you don’t even collect tribute a lot, you can decide:

  • “Wow, boosting my tribute won’t be the most valuable thing to focus on.”
  • “Since I get tribute so infrequently, maybe I should try to make my tributes as big as possible.”

Subjectively, I think the second view makes the most sense. Tribute boosts are worth value over time, which means the sooner you get them the better off you are. Getting every kingdom to 5 stars is a goal most players can accomplish “quickly” relative to getting even one kingdom to 10 stars. So this move maximizes long-term profit and gives you an easy-to-reach goal.

But wait, what about the Magic kingdom boosts? I didn’t analyze their value. I think that in the early game, they’re garbage.

I followed a few guides for early soul-farming teams. They warned I’d need all the Magic boosts for the teams to be fast. They weren’t wrong. But they didn’t mention I’d also need the other things the person in the video had:

  • The maximum bonus from guild tasks.
  • Several troops ascended to at least Legendary, preferably Mythic.

I felt this with the Sorcerer teams, Elspeth teams, Sunbird teams, etc. I couldn’t ever get the turn 3-5 wins they promised, it was taking me 6-8. It turns out with just the kingdom bonuses, I was still 2 or 3 Magic shy of any of these teams performing as advertised.

So while the kingdom magic bonus is important, and you should make it an early goal, it doesn’t actually pay off until it’s in the presence of a very good guild and ascended troops. It takes much longer to ascend your troops than it does to raise these kingdom levels. So you have time. Putting it off isn’t a major detriment.

In Summary:

  • You need to do both, and aren’t really eligible for “mid-game” until you do.
  • The Magic bonus is step 1 in a longer process, and you don’t speed up the process by getting it early.
  • The Tribute bonus pays off right away.
  • But by “pays off” we might be talking about a few hundred glory, a few thousand souls, and a few tens of thousands of gold. Believe me, in a few months you won’t notice it’s missing.
  • So figure out which order you like best and do that. Don’t fight about it.


Why no Dragonguard? with the bonus red mana and creating a firestorm at the start of the battle it goes really well with Dragon Soul and it even gives TDS a bit of extra damage.


My criteria is based mainly on what classes are utilized for guild events. But a soul farming class would be beneficial. Are you recommending Dragon Guard for that class?


In fact, Runepriest, Assassin and Sorcerer are good too.
I feel too many class have been cited as best.
There is one clearly above (Titan), then a BUNCH of great ones depending on builds and playstyle (all the listed ones) and a few bad ones (necro, 2 knights, etc…)


I know I mentally overvalued Dragonguard for a while because pre-hero-talents it made a good frontline tank vs. scaling enemies.

So when hero talents released, I’d used Dragonguard a lot more than Titan, which “only” had a 50% mana start trait. And when it came to 50% mana starts, I’d used Mechanist and Archer more for that.

So when the hero talents released, I had a Level 100 Mechanist, Level ~70 Dragonguard, and not much else above 20. It took me a long time to grind Titan up enough to understand why people were bonkers for it. During that period, Dragonguard was my better choice for soaking up damage in events.

I also think this is right:

Titan is the objectively best general-purpose class. If we narrow the context, there are classes that do better than Titan. But Titan is like hugs or pizza: even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.


Now I want a big pizza called the Titan.


Before I got Infernus I used to use Dragonguard for PvP. At level 500 I use to regularly beat the pre nerfed DP/Infernus/Uba team with Dragonguard/Dragon Soul.


I highly suggest you use the combination of Warlord and Infernus Instead of Dragon Guard.
I’d be willing to replace Priest with Dragon Guard. I think I did Priest cause it used to be great.
I like having an elite 8 on my favorite hero classes that makes me chuckle every time someone tries to debate it. I know it’s subjective… But it’s still my personal recommendation… So how it can be debated entertains me.


I actually a couple of weeks ago but now I use Dragon Soul/Pharos-Ra/Umberwolf/Aziris for everything. It loses a lot more but I do want Dawnbringer without proper soul farming so it’s worth getting a few losses.

Warlord/Infernus is a really good combo. I’ve lost to it a few times when my burning troops get one shot.


So my tip on Ingots is this:

Max out the lowest rarity weapons first, THEN Forge them to the next level. That satisfies the kingdom power level reqs, and you’re not letting your low end ingots languish in inventory Hell


Forging any sort of ingot is a waste.

For kingdoms. It’s better to upgrade the common weapons of possible. Otherwise, only upgrade the weapons a player uses.


Thanks for this list of helpful tips, tricks and stuff.

I will read through more of them (I’m just getting started)

Level up all your Kingdoms to 5, then level them up to 10 in the order of Magic, Attack, Life, and Armor. <

Is there a list of what Kingdoms give what (Magic, Attack etc…)
Such as these kingdoms once level to 10 give Life, these kingdoms once leveled to 10 give attack…etc

I am getting tired of checking each kingdom to see how much I have leveled it. I would love to see in the game some sort of marker to show that “This kingdom has been leveled to the max”
Like a simple check mark next to the kingdom would be a nice visual indication that it has been level to 10.
Just saying…

Ps - I’m play mainly on PS4


I think @Starlite did this with an Excel spreadsheet somewhere. He could find it quicker than I could.
If not I’ll tag the Lyaa to see if she can easily find it.
The forums are a wealth of information, but unfortunately not always easy to discover it.
Perhaps, if I just spout off words like - how to play gems of war - or how to play GoW - then folks looking will have an easier way of finding this thread.


Or better yet if the mods allow it (and the forum it’s self) have a signature for your profile that shows this thread link. I know other forums do (allow people to have signatures) but this forum is totally different than any other I have ever been to.

I don’t understand this…

  • TURN ON THE MANA COUNTER AND 4X speed under your settings.

I want to game to run slow or at least normal speed I need to see and understand what is happening, I not a “millennial generation” person and can see things happen quickly and do ten things at once.
And what does the “Manna Counter” do?


Here is starlites site
Under kingdom and class you can see which bonus each kingdom gives