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Help for a newbie on his first day of GoW

Hi. I just started this afternoon.
Spent some cash and bought all that I can to boost up my vip level.
Ever since I opened all the chests, I am stuck in a rut.

I’ve read so many pages of guide and team build guides out there.
However, I still faced some challenges as I don’t have all the stated cards shown by the numerous guides out there.
I know I can link my account to this database and hopefully get some guidance on the soul farming party I can form for early and later stages of the game. Might as well the best damaging cards combination I could form from my list deck of cards.

Thank you in advance. Here is the link to my card collection: https://gowdb.com/collection/dfe61df7eea41bd00e0070e24342af30

Invite Code: ARIMNESTE_25TF

First order of business: Join a very good active guild so you can get a lot of keys tomorrow.
Second order of business: Open as many of your kingdoms as you can. Do all of the quests in each kingdom as well.
Level your kingdoms and main troops as you can. kingdoms to lvl 10 which will take as much as 120,000 gold. Open all kingdoms BEFORE you lvl them though.
Use souls to lvl up your toops as high as you can.


Pretty much this. Find a guild, any reasonably active casual guild will do.
Open all the kingdoms, aka, do all the quest lines first and spend gold to open the kingdoms. This opens mini games and other content.
This, absolutely. Open first. Level second. Power level later. Much later.
Level the troops you like to use with souls. Don’t worry about traits in the beginning, you need to get trait stones first and that takes a while.

I will add, save your diamonds for the Dragon (+100% gold) armor first. Then the celestial armor (+100% souls). Buy dragon armor first and level all kingdoms to 10, then worry about soul collection.

I will add, save your diamonds for the Dragon (+100% gold) armor first. Then the celestial armor (+100% souls). Buy dragon armor first and level all kingdoms to 10, then worry about soul collection.

Not DIAMONDS. Your gems for Armor.
Save your Diamonds (white gems) for Mythic troops. You need 4000 diamonds per Mythic troop. Get Infernus first from the Soulforge. You will have to unlock the Soulforge and then lvl it up first. You will find the Soulforge in the game menu.
Word of advice: look through all menus completely and know what is where.
Under the Games menu, you will find Treasure Hunt. You will get treasure maps from time to time, use them to do Treasure Hunts.
You will get a lot of advice from your guild mates as well after you join a good guild.

Thank you guys for the wonderful tips to proceed on in the game. Yeah, I have gotten the dragon armor earlier on. Now working hard to clear the kingdoms and level them as fast as I can. Appreciated the efforts and help you guys gave me.

My questions still remain.

  1. Should I aim to form higher tier team consisting legendary cards? OR
  2. Ascend my lower level cards (ultra rares,rares) to mythic? Problem with getting the amount of cards needed is the main issue.

The teams I used alternately are:
a. Sunbird / Rowenna / Fire Bomb x2
b. Herdmaster / Valkyrie / Alchemist / Druid
c. Deep Borer / Bombot x2 / Steam Turrer
d. Alchemist / Banshee / Valkyrie / Druid

Should I stick with these teams, ascend them ?
I have lots of legendaries which I can’t seem to pair them in a team yet. (Looking forward for help with this one actually).

Once again, thank you in advance.

Watch @Tacet the terrors beginners guide on YouTube

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Judging by the multiple copies of Hyndla and other Stormheim troops I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you put some currency into the event…

Jarl + Hyndla (or 2x Hyndla) is a very powerful team, but only really works if you can trait Hyndla, which I assume is outside your capabilities at the moment.

Gorgotha is strong with just about anything, but requires you to level him a bit. Traits are even better but he’s still good without them.

I see you do have Suna in your collection; she’s decent as mythics go, doesn’t really need a specific synergy in order to function and doesn’t particularly need her traits either (the main concern for a low-leveled player pulling a mythic) or even her levels. Putting her with a mana generator/transformer or two would work fine, though perhaps not overly quickly.


Indeed, correct good sir. My mistake, my head was full of cotton wool yesterday and I couldn’t tell left from right.

Keep your eye out for getting a Hellcat.

Once you do: Alchemist + Hellcat + GobRocket + GobRocket makes a loop team that can hold the turn until you win against pretty much any opponent. Doesn’t matter how much higher the enemy’s stats are if they never get a turn. Practice your board control and colour changing.

Otherwise for now: yeah like shimrra said, build around Gorgotha.

Good teams for Gorgotha:

Gorgotha, Infernus, Divine Ishbaala, Dawnbringer.
Gorgotha, Emperor Khovas, Kraken, Shadow Dragon
Another point: The last quest in many kingdoms will be a class quest. Do them and unlock as many classes as you can.

Classes like Priest, Bard, and Knight can help you a lot. You will need weapons as well to use classes and your Hero. Find a good weapon like Mang or Divine Protector.

Game is still populated. Just play some, you’ll expand your collection rapidly.

For super basic team building, at least try to have 5-6 colors total. Either try to have all your troops doing different things - so one for damage, one for defense, one for mana, etc - or have them all doing more-or-less the same thing.

Try to join a guild that is at least semi-active. There are recruitment threads on the forum.

Any Gems (the currency) you get, save them for DRAGON ARMOR.

What Shim said.
I think your real money can be better spent at a later stage. For the time being just play, play, play and you will earn gold, souls, keys etc. Most importantly JOIN A GUILD Use the filter on here ( All categories/Guild Chat/Guild Recruitment pc.mobile etc) to see the recruitment ads. If they have Discord its a great way to communicate with your guildies and get guidance.

There are super casual guilds whose only requirement is to be active. Keep looking youll find one
If youre asking about hero class, titan is the best. You unlock titan by completing stormheims quests

What Noob said plus, I think Bard is also a good class - unlock Pans Vale for this one.