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The devs have done a lot of great work making guides for GoW. This thread doesn’t intend to be a replacement of that. Instead, a place to post things that aren’t in patch notes. But definitely would be beneficial for other players to know. Feel free to post in the comments whatever you feel is a tip or a trick. I will add the most beneficial ones to the OP. I might paraphrase to keep it a line or 2 in length. Devs please avoid reading this thread in fear that you will “fix” any tips presented. :grin:

  • Revenge Ranked PvP matches pays out double the gold of normal matches if victorious.
  • Max the level of all your troops rarity and fully trait them to prevent Daily Tasks that involve Leveling up a troop or Forging a Trait tasks. (May need to do hero classes as well) Courtesy of: @actreal
  • You can start 1 delve in each faction that will carry over after reset. Courtesy of: Samantha
  • Dragon’s Eye is the best Weapon in high level Delves. Build a team around it. Courtesy of: @jzg
  • Level up all your Kingdoms to 5, then level them up to 10 in the order of Magic, Attack, Life, and Armor.
  • When doing stars, make Magic and Attack 5 stars. Then fully trait troops you actually use. Then do life/armor.
  • DO NOT use the Soul forge for ingots. Do PvP/Arena for farming all but Legendary/mythic ingots. Do Delves for Myhic/legendary ingots.
  • TURN ON SHOW MANA/SPELL DETAILS AND 4X speed under your settings from the world map.
  • Use Celestial Armor (unless you have Deathknight Armor) during Arena runs to increase the Souls given as a reward for a completed run. Courtesy of @Fourdottwoone.
  • Best hero classes:
  1. Thief
  2. Titan
  3. Bard
  4. Warlord
  5. Frost Mage
  6. Mechanist
  7. Archer
  8. Priest
  • For Faction events, maximize points possible by doing the highest Multiplier Rooms first, then lower Multipliers Rooms before the Boss. Courtesy of: @Jonathan
  • Casual PVP is the best way to farm hero XP.

When you are new never focus on putting points into the same mana mastery. Try to even all od them out. You’ll get very usefull weapons that way to help you out in arenas.


New players have a task that says get one mastery to level 25. So I think it’s beneficial to level all but one evenly until that one task is completed. Preferably Brown Mana since Mountain Crusher is obtained at Mastery 20 or 30. Would you be alright with level all evenly except Brown mastery?


I’m not saying it is or isn’t, but can we avoid putting “opinions” in here? Doesn’t fulfill the purpose of the thread if people debate about things that aren’t fact. Say it is “a good weapon”, I don’t know.

(Case in point, I’ve cleared 500 on two factions and I don’t think I even have Dragon’s Eye…)

Trying to work out a tip-or-trick to add …

Delve troops count as both their faction and the kingdom that faction is linked to - for instance, Hall of Guardians troops are also from Whitehelm - and can be used for daily quests or requirements to level up those kingdoms.

Chaos Shards can be used in any faction, regardless of where you get them. Play in one faction to get troops in another, if you desire or need to.


Clicking the little summon stones that you can forge in the soulforge will show you what troops are available in that stone.

All pets are active all the time, the one you have equipped is for cosmetic purposes only.


I believe most “tips” are opinion based. And if you haven’t used the weapon… Including in the Delves. How do you know if it’s the best or not? 🤷

The reward collected at the end of an Arena run is modified by your armor bonus, if you prefer more souls than gold, temporarily switch to armor that boosts souls.

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And you can switch armor at the very last minute- right before you collect rewards.


Be careful what player beneficial ‘bugs’ you report in the bug threads, they drop everything and fix those first. :thinking:


Why not?
You just won’t use grey/green weapons. And only a handful of blue are worth using.

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It’s inefficient.
You may need those weapon upgrades to level up kingdoms.

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Let’s just disagree then.
I think grey and green should all be used towards blue and purples.
Specially now that I have finished upgrading all grey and green weapons and I look at my useless collection and wished in had saved for purpled.


I think this thread is a good idea.

Something to look forward to for newer players are our new tutorials arriving with 4.1. We understand that it can be confusing for new players to understand how things work and the best way to progress, so we have implemented some more Luther advice to help out. :slight_smile:


Probably the only way Luther will be useful :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to second the request to keep facts only. As soon as you include opinions, it quickly becomes a forgettable thread.

Armor choice in Arena is a fact.
Revenge double paying is a fact.
Dragon’s Eye, Kingdom level order, ingots in soul forge…opinion.

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When you get in-game mail with seals from guild-wars victory, DON’T open the mail right away. Leave it in your inbox until you’ve reached 1500 seals for the week. Then open the mail. This way you can net more than 1500 seals.


I’ve been saying this for months but using it for pet battles. Too bad it’s probably going to get nerfed soon now that it’s making something quicker and easier for so many more people.

I would put Dragonguard in there as well it’s actually better than a few of those.

@awryan Thanks for this!

Is the intended audience new players or anyone in general?


Anyone. New players should at least make it through the tutorial before reading it though.

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This is not true. I have had all classes leveled up to 20 and all troops fully traited and leveled (missing only one or two troops) and I still get the level a troop up to XX or trait a troop daily tasks.