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Point of fact today:


By missing, did you mean troops you never own, or the troops you have but didn’t trait them yet?

From my experience, trait/level tasks never show up for me for months now since I finish upgrading all available troops. So I think Awryan’s tip is actually true.

I also think even 6 Treasure troops are counted for this rule. So if you got Sacred Treasure and immediately use it without traiting it, trait/level might still can show up.


It’s been true for me ever since it was pointed out to me 5 weeks ago. Prior to this I used to get those tasks at least once a week.

Are all your classes fully traited??


I’m an end-gamer with everything traited and leveled too. BUT my tip is to wait to level up the weekly Glory Troop until you get this^ task, then collect the easy souls!


Troops I don’t own, Soul Gnome and Zuul’Goth are the normal troops I don’t own, currently am missing some of the treasure troops as well but all the treasure troops I do have are fully leveled as I have 4.5 million souls currently.


All classes, all troops - fully traited, fully leveled. And they have been for over a year.


Huh… From what I know, it’s probably one of the Treasures or some troops you somehow forget to level.

Try sorting your troops by upgradable or level. There might be some troops not fully-upgrade there. I also have Praying Mantis at level 19 until a few days ago. lol


And you were correct. I found mythic cloudstalker at level 18. Thanks… I will watch and see if I get anymore of those level up a troop or trait a troop tasks.

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Maybe we should have an indicator for ‘can be leveled’. Or have it sort by that when we filter by ‘upgrade-able…’


You can maximise your points in any Faction Event by tackling rooms with the highest multipliers first. Since your points = 200 or 400 x your multiplier, the quicker you can increase your multiplier, the better.

If you want to include this up top, please feel free to word it however you like :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: .


Starting with 4.1, so your advice is still valid for a few more days.


Fair, sorry - for some some reason I thought the increasing base amount would still be multiplied by your Room Multiplier, but there wasn’t any mention of that. I’ve asked Cyrup to clarify, just to be sure. Use it for this Event, in any case! :stuck_out_tongue: