Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

The one I used is MC Tesla Aurora Mab. Aurora gives a hell of a lot of survivability and Mab stops MC / Aurora from giving them the board. You really only need Tesla on damage.

For anyone without Aurora… I used this team from Avathar:

MC-titan (duststorm, barrier, lightning strike, fortitude) / Tesla / Weaver /Sylvanimora [entangled] Kraken banner (blackhawk)

For the faction event, I changed to Dragon’s Eye around level 100.

Some pointless stats: it took 4,200 shards for me to make the Legendary troop from Sea of Sorrow to Mythic. At this point, I was short 3 Epics and 36 Rares. It took 8,200 shards to finally get the Rare into a Mythic.

This was my most interesting 200 shard pull.

1 Gold Ring
1 Priest’s Chalice
1 King’s Crown
1 Genie’s Lamp
1 Sacred Treasure
1 Mershark
1 Hammerclaw
1 Sea Witch
2 The Deep King

My troops after being made Mythic:
3 Mershark
27 Hammerclaw
8 Sea Witch (3 after removing 5 from the Tier 6 shop purchases)
9 The Deep King


I was excited to use the event to bring Sea to 300 or 500 over the weekend. But it looks like such a great farming faction that I think I’ll leave it at level 20 and start leveling up my old farming faction, Crypt Keepers.

Here’s a room level comparison, ignoring entrance and exit:

Sea: 1 V, 3 IV, 1 III, 2 II

Crypt: 1 V, 1 IV, 3 III, 1 II, 1 I

In comparison, Sea upgrades one I to a II and two III to IV.

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So what teams are everyone doing?

For me, I’m currently using Gorgotha, Anu’s Scepter, Undine and Xathenos. It has a summoner in terms of Xathenos, a tank with Gorgotha, some mana generation and Undine just seems very strong against the boss team and dwarves.

For someone not advancing Sea of Sorrow atm, on my alt with a smaller collection I’ve been using Flammifer, Tesla, Tai Pan, Soothsayer (Meteor Banner).

A note to all (and I’ll be mentioning this in this Tips and Tricks thread as well: Tips and Tricks - #28 by Clark) - you can maximise your points in any Faction Event by tackling rooms with the highest multipliers first. As you get 200 x multiplier points per room (and 400 x for a boss room), the quicker you can increase your multiplier, the better. I do it the other way around for regular Delves to try to get an extra Runic Traitstone from the higher rarity rooms (although really I don’t think it matters THAT much).

EDIT: I’ve been notified that this advice will probably only be valid until 4.1, as per Changes to Faction Events).

EDIT 2: Advice is still valid!!! :relaxed: you’re all welcome :stuck_out_tongue:.


my best 200 shard pull ever


Thank you @TimeKnight for the optimizing hoard thread. It may help players figure out the best ways to maximize and use treasures efficiently. :ok_hand:

I’ll add it here as well. :+1::+1:


Just finished Delve 100 with the faction team. Not excited about this…

The Deep King doesn’t function like Infernus. It can’t hit the same target twice.

Yeah, that’s about it. I almost lost. It was not great.

It’s a high damage team, but not very defensive despite having defensive troops.

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Infernus doesn’t hit the same target twice either unless there is only one troop on the enemy. If that isn’t what you were referring to (Only 1 enemy/ally troop left) then ignore this.

Yeah, when there’s only one troop left, TDK doesn’t hit twice, where as Infernus can.

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I’m going all the way with this one, big surprise…

For the moment I am using Dawnbringer Jarl 2x Hyndla. Until I decide how best to abuse Tesla later.

As for doing it with a faction team, I’m thinking multiple Deep Kings for the attack boost may be the best way to scale things up in short order, though I could be wrong.

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Final Multiplier Possibilities

Faction Min Median Max
ASE 3.3 3.5 3.9
HOG 3.65 3.8 3.95
CK 3.45 3.7 4.1
SOS 3.7 3.9 4.25
(based on doing all rooms in that factions’ delve and a base multiplier of 2)

Just beat Delve 200 with the faction team on my 2nd try. Rock Worm (killed last slot) + Bulette (destroyed my order badly) screwed me over the 1st time around. Well, when this team wins, it really wins. Its kinda impressive. I don’t know what to think.


Reach level 100 in Sea of Sorrow, the quota for today to prevent burn-out! :sweat_smile:

This is the team I was using the whole time. I just put Tesla in my Yao+Yasmine team, but without Yao. Tesla is so great, as she can wipe the floor easily in one cast at first half, then 2 on the rest!

While Glaycion is great at creating blue for Tesla, 2 other troop are problematic, as they destroyed armor, the source of damage for Tesla. A lot of submerge in boss room also doesn’t help. Will need to changed her in later level. Still too early for Maw+Mercy though.

Yasmine’s Pride, while can’t boost anyone’s spell here, is great at render boss room’s true damage strategy useless! :sunglasses:

As for the Faction team, I agree with TheIdleOne, it really is more tricky than other Factions. That crappy troop that keep gaining life is so annoying.

9 attack gain per 4/5 match is no joke! Combining with Enraged, it can be very powerful. At this point, their magic stats is not that big yet, so I managed to win without any casualties, and earn me another daily Ingots! :grinning:

In your opinion, is Sea of sorrows good to start farming at 100 or should i stick with 20?

That’s depended to how many free time you have and what is your main goal.

Personally, I’m quite against farming in general, as it’s like throwing away your limited chance at progressing, but if you have no time, it’s the best strategy to get more rewards quickly.

Level 100 is not too hard, so it’s still quite low-risk to farm there. But if you still feel it’s too easy and got some extra time, advance some more untill you can’t win without losing any troops, then you should stop if you want to farm more consistently.

If your Hero have the Banishing Talent, from the Guardian Tree (Warden, Runepriest and the Three Knighty classes have it), submerge is no problem at all.

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I hope I can post this here, a somewhat fast level 20 team for Sea of Sorrow


What about hight lv? I was using

Dragon eye

But the last boss is immune to entangle so that make sylvanimora and cockatrice useless.

Cockatrice draining mana still useful but also leaving lot of brown on the board for the AI and not a good idea when they deal true damage