Changes to Faction Events

New changes to Faction Events will make it easier to earn points on higher difficulties.

We’re aware that some players felt they weren’t being rewarded for progression in Faction Events, and instead felt like the Faction Event scoring system was not encouraging development. So, we’ve made some changes that make it so you will earn more points if you battle on the highest level possible for your playstyle.

How does it work?
As you defeat more Bosses and increase your Delve’s Difficulty level the amount of points you earn for each room also increases.

At a base level:

  • Non-boss Rooms earn 5 x Delve Level points
  • Boss Rooms earn 20 x Delve Level points (increasing with each Boss defeated).

For example, if you are battling in a Level 30 Delve you can earn 150 Points for non-Boss Rooms or up to 600 Points for the Boss-room. These changes come into effect in the next update, version 4.1.


Love the change. But I feel like it’s only going to cause confusion by announcing it right before a faction event starts. That won’t be effected by the change.


Good change. Another one for consideration is the one day Tuesday events. If you buy Tier VI and go through all rooms with those sigils, that can easily take 12 hours. Faction events should be 2-3 days long.


Presumably the point totals for the reward tiers have changed also? To get to reward 8 on the weekly event requires you to clear level 130, and I seem to recall that far more points were needed for new faction events.

There is more than one non-boss room per Delve. More math pending…

Assuming 7 non-boss rooms per Delve, I get that you need to reach level 90 to earn reward 8 for 22,000 points. For new faction events the final reward tier is 70,000 points, which needs level 150.

Hello. Interesting change. But what about higher multiplier for different rooms? For example common room could be 5 X delve lvl X 1(rarity room boost), higher difficult room could have higher multiplier. 1.2 for rare, 1.5 for epic, 2 for legendary. These are just examples obviously, but in this way people could decide to try more rooms at higher difficult instead of reaching directly the boss.


Oh, boo.


I can’t remember the exact amount needed for weekend events, but the mentioned 22k are for Tuesday events only.

Do you change something about reward when beat high level boss.

I means the daily delve battles. People have to beat lvl 20 daily delve to get better rewards but not to beat lvl 500 one.

For a Faction Event, I think there’s already enough incentive to beat as many rooms as you can before defeating the Boss, as each room gives you points. Not beating those rooms means you get fewer points using the same amount of sigils.

Something you might also want to take into account when thinking about this is the relationship between room multipliers and the chance to increase the level of your delve chest. A room that has a higher multiplier than another room of the same difficulty/rarity will also have a lower chance to increase the level of your delve chest - and vice-versa. The main examples that comes to mind here are Goblin Throne Room (x1.2 multiplier, 60% chance) and the one with the Leviathan (I forget, sorry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: something to do with the Deep/Depths) (x1.5 multiplier, 30%(?) chance). If you hadn’t noticed this, I can understand why you might think some of the higher rarity rooms don’t offer much as compensation for their difficulty.

Are these base amounts that are still multiplied by your cumulative Room Multiplier, or are they independent of it (e.g. on Level 30, each non-boss room will give you 150 points regardless of your multiplier)?

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It would be very wierd if it doesn’t, as that’s pretty much the core of Delve. So I think this plan would still work post 4.1 version.

This makes way more sense and I’m glad it’s the new way.


Reasonable change. It won’t affect people who are just going for the regular rewards and keep the leaderboards more competitive.


Interesting change, but will also increase the play time and we are already running short, a 250+ level delve run takes 15 minutes with a full leveled hero and mythic troops. So you have to think about a way to optimize delve battles or will loose a lot players who have jobs and spending money on your game.


Thank you, now we can all use Dragon’s Eye and change lv 100 - 500 delve level troops to baby dragons with 10 armor and 6 hp, and win the highest faction rewards!

I’ve been holding back not wanting to do that because I felt it cheapens the challenge, and really only leaves one option available to progress – as Tacet has demonstrated in every stream since he returned to streaming after evacuating because of the hurricane that hit his area, but I guess it’s time to join the herd.

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Or… come up with your own valid strategy, like the rest of us. You don’t have to limit yourself just because you don’t want to find your own plan.

Or I don’t know, just join the herd. Be hurry though, I don’t think you have that much time left.


So no more just doing level 20 in faction events to top the leaderboard ?

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Good thing i got the power orb last event :slight_smile:

But i am happy with the change, that make more sense to get more points for harder fights

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This change should make faction events more fun for me.

If rewards when raising level are improved, then I’m likely to spend more gems and time when I can increase faction level. And less when I can’t increase faction level (either because it’s my farming faction or I don’t have much time).

Doing factions at level 20 is kind of boring for me.

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Do you really need to comment on everything I write?