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And you were correct. I found mythic cloudstalker at level 18. Thanks… I will watch and see if I get anymore of those level up a troop or trait a troop tasks.


Maybe we should have an indicator for ‘can be leveled’. Or have it sort by that when we filter by ‘upgrade-able…’

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You can maximise your points in any Faction Event by tackling rooms with the highest multipliers first. Since your points = 100 or 200 x your multiplier, the quicker you can increase your multiplier, the better.

If you want to include this up top, please feel free to word it however you like :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: .


Starting with 4.1, so your advice is still valid for a few more days.


Fair, sorry - for some some reason I thought the increasing base amount would still be multiplied by your Room Multiplier, but there wasn’t any mention of that. I’ve asked Cyrup to clarify, just to be sure. Use it for this Event, in any case! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Apology accepted :stuck_out_tongue:

I think why I initially assumed it would work the same.

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Will test on Tuesday. You are welcome to test as well. But to understand your advice correctly, it’s best to do to the harder levels in the delve first. Correct?

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Yep - or more accurately, the rooms with the highest multipliers (e.g. Goblin Throne Room is a legendary room, but only has a x1.2 multiplier). I’ll see if I can come up with the difference in points it would make per floor.


The hero list is not accurate, Titan, Dragonguard,Bard,Priest,Frostmage,Sunspear are must in any end game play.

Just out of curiosity.
What Talent Tree level do you have for Warlord?
Do you do Raids and Invasions? If yes, then how much of each regularly?
My list is based on all game modes. And will remain unchanged until a new class comes out or classes are changed again.

My list is also based on all modes, first the Titan is the best class from defensive prospective in any aspect of the game,besides few end game GW scenarios. I don’t think can pull recent stats , but usually I am in top 10 of my guilds in any type of event.
The DG by itself have a coupe unique attributes that can maximize his damage to one hitting any target and also have a decent direct damage reduction.
Of course all of this is subjective and if you think that warlord fits your play style best is fine with me, just don’t want to have new users going to the wrong direction.

The best hero classes in my opinion are titan assassin dragonguard and oracle

Wouldn’t it be better to level magic kingdoms up to 10 before starting spending gold on the others? It would make the battles easier and make earning gold faster

I was trying to ask you if you’ve used Warlord at talent tree 100. The class that every new player is able to get first.

The cost to get all the Kingdoms to 5 isn’t much. By doing so gives mastery Mana bonus and tribute bonus that is well worth doing that first.

Aren’t the magic stat bonus more valuable?

Takes longer to get. We’re talking about the time it takes to get 10kish (level 5) gold and 123k total gold to get a kingdom to 10.

I’m not talking about How long it takes. That depends mostly on how much you play. I am talking about bang for your buck so to speak. The magic stat bonus is more important than a handful of extra gold from tributes

The gold tribute will help you get it quicker.
I’ve said my reasons for it. If it’s not sufficient enough for you. Then so be it. I’ve also have 3 accounts with all the Kingdoms to 10. And another one half way. So you could say…I have a bit of experience on the subject. :grinning:

Play your handful of accounts how you want to. I’m not telling you otherwise but it irresponsible to tell new players that there is only one “good” way to go about it. Getting all magic kingdoms to 10 before starting on any of the others is a viable strategy and new players should know that.