Things that make no sense in Gems of War?

How come the executioner can have nipples and orions herald can’t


There is no clearly defined scoring system in Guild Wars, the game’s most competitive mode.


We have mailboxes, and even a messages tab, but we can’t send each other messages.


Wild Plains. :grin:


Taking away doom from death, but leaving necromancy. Replacing pyromania with infernal armor, and cursed on famine is pretty bad. At least give him indigestable since, well, you kinda don’t get to eat.

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It just looks like a key, it doesn’t open chests like the real keys do. It’s rather an access token, like maps for treasure hunt. Maybe they should change it to something like a vault pass. :thinking:




As much as I love the topic, I thought I should comment to clarify this bit (since I think it actually does make sense). I wrote a little about it here Changes to Faction Events - #10 by Jonathan

but essentially although the multipliers OR percentages may be the same across rarities, it’s never both, as the total will add up to a different static number for each rarity. E.g. Legendary rooms add up to 1.8, as in the example I gave there.

Edit: Rare = 1.35, Ultra-rare = 1.5, Epic = 1.65, Legendary = 1.8 (going up by 0.15 each time).

The problem is that, the Ultra-Rare room has the same low upgrade chance and treasure multiplier as a rare room. You’d think the harder room would at least have a higher upgrade chance or multiplier. The examples you gave don’t help. Both have a very high chance and it isn’t like a legendary room is giving a 20% chance with a 1.2% multiplier.

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I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. Can you give an example?


It doesn’t, as far as I’m aware. What I was trying to say was that either the upgrade chance or the multiplier may be the same; but not both.

I might get the name wrong but I believe Rocky Cavern has the same upgrade chance and treasure multiplier as something like the rooms that give aflame or venomous to the enemy. They are rare but Rocky Cavern, an Ultra-rare, gives the same results (1.15% with a 20% upgrade chance)


Thanks, I’ll have a look :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re absolutely right!

I think it’s a one-off case, though. I haven’t seen any other examples like it.

Definitely no sense :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Dwarf trait that makes them immune to devour…

There’s also room rewards to consider. I seem to recall Rocky Cavern has a higher gold payout than Lava Cracks, other parts of the room reward might differ too. It’s displayed on the center card, currently hidden by the rightmost card within your screenshot.

I did consider the room rewards, briefly, but when I checked Rocky Cavern I didn’t think it was disproportionately better. It is higher, though!

However, for comparison, here are two other Ultra-Rare rooms with the same room reward, but the normal (higher) combined multiplier + upgrade chance:

I think this shows that Rocky Cavern is indeed an outlier, although perhaps not EXACTLY the same as a Rare room in all aspects.

Here’s another Rare room reward for overall context/as a loose comparison:

True but its still a key and the category is called “Keys” not “Chest keys” (at least in my french version) so Vault key belong in key category.

The categories seem to be based on semantics (what they do), not on syntax (what combination of letters is used). That’s why I suggested “vault key” might be a confusing choice.

Infernus is a fire elemental but can be burned with fire. :upside_down_face:


Lol yeah and fairy fire too

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