Changes to Faction Events

Thumbs up for this change, team!

Or you can advance to a level you can quickly clear—say level 100–and enjoy five times the rewards of level 20 with almost no change in difficulty!


Are you going to increase the number of points required to get the rewards? If yes, it should appear in the OP post…


Or go to lv 500 with Dragon’s Eye and get 2k renown, and all the renown rewards, seems strange to camp lv 100 vs camping lv 20. 5x more powerful for the same rewards, sounds awesome?

I’d rather just turn the troops into baby dragons like Tacet, and defeat mobs with 12 armor and 8 health, especially now that the devs have basically stated here that’s the way they want us to do things.

I watch Tacet for tips on teams and helpful suggestions, but I was convinced turning mobs with 300+ armor and 300+ attack into baby dragons with 12 armor and 8 health was not intended, but now that I know it’s a legit and solid strategy I see no reason not to be using it like my guild leader, and many others, to get 2k+ renown per faction.

I am not sure if it will really change something. The guy at level 20 will be able to complete every room but the guy at level 300+ will skip some room so i am not sure about which option is the best

Of course the guy at lv 20 probably will need to spend more gems than now but still easier fights

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Yeah, but the guy at Level 300 will be gaining 15 times more than the guy at Level 20.
Literally 1 room at Level 300 is just under 2 “full” level 20 runs


Yup but the guy at lv300 will lose much more cause of unlucky cascade, oneshot kill etc…

Yes, while you will lose a lot more often at level 300, 1 room at Level 300, is equivalent to ALMOST 2 sigils at level 20. (15 rooms to be exact). one FULL level 300 delve (without counting boss) is equivilent to (up to) 15 level 20 delve farmings.


It will be interesting to see what is the best option. Climbing as much as you can? or stay at lv 200-300 and complete more room

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Is that all of your argument? Shifting the topic, I see…

To answer your question, no, not when you keep obstructing the game’s improvement. I only see a support for this change so far, it’s just you who against it, for no good reason as well.

I’m also supporting it. Now players who choose to go to higher levels can actually get more reward they deserved. Farming lower level will still be a thing, but now with a clear penalize for choosing a quicker, easier levels. Finally, amount of times spent on the Event will be reward appropriately.

Your point of argument about The Dev is now suggesting everyone to use Dragon’s Eyes is coming out of nowhere, again. Please stop misinterpreting stuff to support your own opinions.

Who even confirmed you that? I never see the Dev said anything about it. But with Tacet advertised it like that, you really think they don’t know? Maybe they’re just waiting for something before they fix it. Maybe we will know once 4.1 hit.

You don’t have to take an easy way out if it’s available, everyone have free will to choose whatever they think is right. The same way you don’t take money from someone else’s wallet on the ground when you see it, you can just ignore it or give it to police.

For me, I never use Dragon’s Eye in Delve, not even once, as I think something is clearly wrong with it. I don’t need anyone to persuade me if it’s the best choice or tell me it’s wrong to make my decision.

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I don’t see why anyone would take the path of most resistance. I knew about the Arena glitch that let people pick whatever troops they wanted – I never used it, not once, because I thought it was a glitch. Now that it’s fixed, I am very happy to know that it was indeed a glitch. However, the people that farmed tens of thousands of trophies using the glitch, still performed better than myself week after week.

I didn’t want to use Dragon’s Eye, so I was waiting for word on a fix or nerf from the devs, and here we have a post about advancing in delves being way more rewarding than not advancing (which was already the case since people advancing were getting boss chest plus 3 bonus chest upgrade for their quality level, and tons of renown)…

Watching Tacet get a faction to lv 500 super fast with Dragon’s eye, is obviously the most efficient method. I see no reason to make things harder on myself… You may not watch Tacet, and you may feel the advice of others is a waste of time, but I watch Tacet to benefit from his experience, and to help me come up with good team ideas. I’m sorry you find that to be despicable of me.

Actually: were the reward tiers changed, too?

I really liked that I didn’t 100% have to buy tiers in a faction event to get all of the rewards, and it was over reasonably fast. I’m not going to be happy if now I either must buy tiers or must raise my level.

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We are all still waiting for an official answer on that one.


And another .25 for the multiplier, and the boss room points at a high multiplier.

Don’t know if this is a bug, but on Tuesday I got a valraven in the boss room.

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Nice change to delves, but does anyone know when 4.1 is coming out? If 4.1 is like 3-4 weeks away, this would be one of the biggest teases I’ve read/seen.

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It’s not really that harder, it’s just being fair to player who never even know about Dragon’s Eye “strategy”.

I see Tacet’s advice being the same at “Why get stress with numbers? Bring a calculator to your math test, it will make your life easier!”. Not really good advice in my opinion, also no pride in doing it.

Just to clarify, I do value other people’s good advice, or else why would I be here? Half of my knowledges are not even my own, but from @Mithran and many others here.

Also, this change likely have nothing to do with Dragon’s Eye. If you are worried about it, you should wait untill 4.1 is released (late October/early November?). As of now, we’re getting kinda off-topic so we should stop this.

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TL:DR Anti - sand bagging patch.


I have no idea why anyone would think DE has anything to do with this change. They changed it because people complained about seeing all those delve level 20s on the leaderboard.

As for DE, I think it’s pretty obvious the devs are waiting for update 4.1 to fix the spawn stats.


Now that it is fixed, mind telling me what it was? I never even knew about it, but I am curious to hear what the trick was.


It seems that the change is already implemented.