Faction Cheating or Leaderboard Error

How is it possible to rack up so many Faction points on level 20?

By running away prior to the Boss fight. No, that’s neither cheating nor an error, you get more point by completing all fights. Especially once the scoring change hits with 4.1.

By spending tons of gems to get more sigils and skipping boss room to keep their level at 20

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Welcome to the faction event!

And the scoring system will change with the next update


Welcome to 4.0!!! enjoy your update while it lasts*. You might be interested to know that 4.1 is being released “soon” and this is the last time the original scoring calculation will be used in Delves as @jzg linked,

*(4.0 was released about 2 months ago).

Also, I’d suggest staying away from public call-outs :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face: since it’s in the Community Guidelines (FAQ - Gems of War | Forums or Community Guidelines).

If you’re concerned about something like that, your best bet is to PM one of the devs or submit a ticket (https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new), from what I understand.

If you’re asking an honest question, I’d suggest changing the title and putting the thread in Gameplay chat.

I doubt the update will kick in before Tuesday.