Tips and Tricks


I was trying to ask you if you’ve used Warlord at talent tree 100. The class that every new player is able to get first.


The cost to get all the Kingdoms to 5 isn’t much. By doing so gives mastery Mana bonus and tribute bonus that is well worth doing that first.


Aren’t the magic stat bonus more valuable?


Takes longer to get. We’re talking about the time it takes to get 10kish (level 5) gold and 123k total gold to get a kingdom to 10.


I’m not talking about How long it takes. That depends mostly on how much you play. I am talking about bang for your buck so to speak. The magic stat bonus is more important than a handful of extra gold from tributes


The gold tribute will help you get it quicker.
I’ve said my reasons for it. If it’s not sufficient enough for you. Then so be it. I’ve also have 3 accounts with all the Kingdoms to 10. And another one half way. So you could say…I have a bit of experience on the subject. :grinning:


Play your handful of accounts how you want to. I’m not telling you otherwise but it irresponsible to tell new players that there is only one “good” way to go about it. Getting all magic kingdoms to 10 before starting on any of the others is a viable strategy and new players should know that.


It’s a tip. Not a rule. 🤦


Then you should add my “tip” to your list :man_facepalming:


But that’s also subjective to the amount of time they can play versus being able to collect tributes hourly. This has a different impact depending of how and how much you play. In the long run gold, glory and souls from tributes will pile up no matter what, but if you can start hoarding it earlier you’ll also achieve general progress faster by being able to buy more weekly Glory Packs for Traitstones, Troops, Keys and Gold that later can be invested in your guild.


No. Lol
You are welcome to make your own list though. :+1:


Oh so you mean the tips you agree with. That makes sense @awryan


Did you make an account just to argue with me? Or just to get my attention?

If these are tips from me. Yeah. It makes sense that I would have to agree with them. I don’t think your tip has merit. You are welcome to make your own thread with tips and tricks if you disagree with me. That simple and that’s the last reply you’ll get from me.


Lol I don’t even know you so why the hell would I make an account to argue with you? Don’t be so full of yourself pal.

I also didn’t post in this thread to start an argument. I posted here to discuss my opinions about the topic. You, my friend, are the one who started arguing. I was merely giving my opinion which is what a game forum is for.

If you are going to get all butthurt because I don’t agree with you that’s fine but your unfounded accusations that I “made this account to argue with you” are hilarious actually.


To all newer players coming here to seek guidance or strategy tips:

There are many ways to play this game. Many of the tips in the OP are very valuable and will guide you well on your playing of this game. However, they aren’t the only ways to do it. Play the game how you want to and do what works best for you!


You made an account just before posting on here. You don’t have an invite code. You could very well be someone who has multiple forums accounts. All I know is you asked a question. I answered it. You didn’t like my answer so you insisted on your advice making it to my OP nonetheless. If that’s a misunderstanding of what transpired today then my apologies. I can only base my opinion off of your words and actions.


Wow ok that seems a little paranoid to me but ok apology accepted.


This topic went on personal route. Awryan post a screenshot from your top Warlord build and I will point you why DG is better.


Here’s my take on Dragonguard vs Warlord, ignoring minor talents and traits:

L20:  Firestorm at start
L100: Triple skull damage to burning

-40% skull damage
L10:  Barrier at battle start
L70:  Bonus red OR on ⅘ match dispel all 

L70:  Bonus red OR on ⅘ match enrage

If both were level 100, when using skulls against enemies with very heavy armor like Stonehammer or Gorgotha, I might prefer Warlord. Otherwise I would prefer Dragonguard.


And that is my point, the extra defense that the DG provides is vital in many cases.