GOW newbie - playing tips

Hi, I am a newbie, little over one month of GOW playing experience. Currently at level 174 and no mythic troops yet. I recently created a gowdb account and linked my xbox account. Can the experts here give me some tips on strategies and ways to improve my gaming experience?

I already levelled up all my magic kingdoms to 10 following some posts here. Now what should I focus on? Gold, souls or mythic troops?


My team:
Hero - Warlord battle cry (weapon)
Zephyros - Ascended to Legendary/traited
Enchantress - Max level/traited
Royal Engineer - Max level/traited

Try the Merlantis quest line to get Azura- it is a pretty good epic troop. Make sure to join a good guild, that is by far the most important thing. “Good” means that the guild completes all the tasks every week.

Thanks. Will start working on Azura. I am already part of a guild. But don’t play guild wars as they are way too strong with mythic troops.

Don’t spend any money to level up & get stronger, the makers of the game (Devs) take away that benifit from you later in the game so it becomes wasteful $$$ spent. Example, you spend money for ring of power & DeathKnight Armor to boost gold… later on in game Devs limit the point value of battles which also determine gold collection available for each Battle. THIS IS A BIG DON’T TELL ANYONE BIT OF INFORMATION.

Don’t level up every card or trait them. Be selective with what cards to develope. Ask you guild mates or guild master for guidance.


I have dragon armor already and I don’t planning on spending real cash anyways. I leveled up few but turned out most drops are pretty useless troops. So I am waiting for a good mythic drop. Hope it happens soon. Are there any good troops to acquire by finishing quests?

Definitely get Rowanne by completing Forest of Thorns—when her armor is boosted, which is easy to do, she can easily rip through anything you’ll encounter before you’re endgame status.

Let me know if you’re ever interested in joining Bloodred Revenges. We have a lot of helpful people and gladly share our tips and tricks to anyone who plays enough to get full seals each week :+1:

I already have Rowanne. But don’t use it. Not sure if she will be helpful with my team set up.
I get my full seals (1500) weekly. Am not quite sure how to take advantage of these guilds. For instance, how do I prioritise which color tasks to contribute to?

Guildmasters should set a priority, which will highlight the statue he or she wants you to complete. But, as a general rule, blue statue is best, because it gives gems.

In our guild, for instance, we complete every Blue Task Monday morning, so everyone in the guild starts off the week a couple hundred gems richer, which can then help members get the weekly content and excel in the weekly event!

Ok thats what we do too. But not all completes all seals so we don’t upgrade more than chest 2 level mostly which sucks.

Rowanne is great in delves, i started use Sentinel with ursine shield, Apotecary, Gard avatar and tpk on many delves, but when cant use gard putting rowanne on gard spot work very well anyway (with ocularen banner even tho may seem “wrong” is the one that work the best).

On tpk spot you can use in All seeing eyes Spiritdancer x example, Green Seer is also great for last spot not being mana blocked by anything and entangling too on top of making green gems for Apo and Rowa (not sure tho if you can use her on that team in any delve, never checked:p).

Tbh you dont even need trait them, only the hero (and have it at lvl 70 help a lot, lvl 40 is the minimun).

Our guild always hits Level 5 chests, and we schedule level 6 chests.

If l had even three more players who got full seals every week, we’d get level 6 chests every week!

Let me know if you want to come (and maybe bring a couple buddies along for the ride—we’ve got 3-5 spots right now!)

I checked your requirements , looks good except gold reqs as I don’t play long hours with stuff going on and I am still upgrading my kingdoms(so far only finished 4 magic kingdoms). So I can contribute only 100k or so for now so I can still upgrade those other kingdoms for whatever benefits it supposed to return.

Early on I would recommend using all of your gems on gem chest keys rather than throwing them at the event sigils. It will help you get more good troops.

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Good point. Thanks. Never tried using much gems against gems chest. For some reason kept saving those.
I guess using gems chest and weekly glory rewards will be the best way to get higher level troops. I missed the last weeks new mythic troop released.

More than gem keys i would use gems to get weapons from events, there’s quite some great ones in delve (jar, guardian crown x example) and you will never get the chance to get event (like invasion or raid boss ones) once the event finished.

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I am still newbie, haven’t explored all the options yet. Never played events or other guild related stuff other than just contributing to guild. Tried guild war once and got beat up in no time. They are level 1000+ n fully equipped. lol I am not ready yet.

I have so many troops, just need to build the right team out of it. But without upgrading them I am not sure how useful they can be. Wasted so many souls upgrading the wrong cards, So now I am very careful about upgrading troops.

That got nothing to do with missing weapons you will never have a chance to get again just to open some chests that got megalame low chances to give you some troops (totally random so can aswell happen you get a totally useless mythic).

Tomoz for example there’s a delve event, dunno which faction, but for example if it’s All seeing eye you can get for some hundreds gems the jar of eyes that’s a great weapon (think there should be the option to craft it too but dunno what it require).

But let’s take this week weapon from invasion, if you dont get it this week is lost forever, even more cuz you arent planning to cs no? and the few times a useful old weapon was “back” it was for real money only.


Take a look at this, is just 1 of tons threads about old useful weapons that who missed cant get anymore.

Ps: about gw dunno which bracket you are but on low lvl bracket on pc i managed to do 30k+ as lvl 90 with troops lvl 13 or so untraited, just looping converters non stop, giant spider and green seer to be precise, and killing stuff with the skull falling that sooner or later match, defo you dont need mythics for low lvl gw (my team score was barely 4k but could kill 9k+ opponenets that way).

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I still win matches and meet my guild requirements with my troops, but I want to improve my game. Because in PVP, folks who are lower level than mine has mythic troops and I loose the battle. I am like where do they get these? Am i Iooking at the wrong place or something?

Currently I have Warlord’s Battlecry weapon which is mythic. 16 (magic)damage boosted by enemy attack which is not bad i think.

Vip keys got higher chances to give mythic, may be alts carried in guilds that do lots of LT’s, may be that they got a lucky strike (i too got some mythics from glory keys).

However, i didnt had any mythic until i was lvl 1k+ and still managed to do everything fine, even more right now most powerful troops arent mythics but the hero.

A stealth hero (cought, thief, cough) with jar of eyes is a dangerous opponent for pretty much anyone even more if you still got bandits untraited (if so DONT take their stealth), you’re able to summon more troops basically non stop while filling them too, just 1 example.