New to the game and need help please!


Hello fellow warriors!

I am new to GoW, I started playing the game 4-6 weeks ago. I have finally made it to level 200 a day or so ago. I have joined a top ~30 guild and that helped a lot (which I am very grateful for). I make sure to contribute and usually end up in the top 5 for all contribution categories (including gold), although I am one of the lowest members in the Guild. Just had my first Guild Wars, I kinda failed with the defense team, I did not learn about the color bonus until recently, but still ended with ~32,000 pts as a soldier. It was difficult against 2 of the Paragons, it seems like they are many levels above me.

Until recently, I was at ~90% on PVP attack and ~75% on PVP defense. However, this week I seemed to struggle a lot on both. I ended the week at ~80% attack and ~30% on defense. I did experiment a lot with different teams but I can not seem to get it right. I am not certain if this is due to me reaching level 200 or due to the game catching up with my early spending which contributed to my early success.

I apologize in advance for this long post. I keep reading everywhere and hearing about (in videos) about GoW’s great online community and I figured I would reach out to the veterans for some early game advice. I would greatly appreciate it if the community would kindly advise on setting up better decks with my available troops and (if possible) the reason(s) or thought process behind it so I and other new players like myself may learn on how to go through a similar process when acquiring new troops, weapons, and/or benefits.

Below, I will attempt to post information from my account regarding available troops, banners, classes, and weapons and my 3 main teams.

I am working hard and earning a lot of good cards and I have a strong feeling that due to my limited knowledge I am missing out on putting in place better Defense, Attack, Dragon, Undead, and other teams.

Kingdoms & Banners

Have all 32 banners. All kingdoms at level 10. 8-9 of the kingdoms with all of the quests completed.


[only showing Mythics, Legendary, and Epics - I have many more Blue, Green, and Whites]


[only showing Legendary, and Epics - I have more Blue, Green, and Whites]


[I believe that not all kingdoms have classes at this point - I might be mistaken, still learning]

A few of my current example teams





Thank you in advance for your help! I am certain that there are others who would benefit form your great insight and advice.


It’s this. Welcome to the level 200 “wall” where the game suddenly starts matching you with end gamers who these days are well over level 1,000.

I don’t have specific deck advice but board control is really key through this stage - you want to maximise your turns and minimise the turns of the higher-statted enemy team.


You have all those cards already including 2 mythic and a ton of legendary at level 200 wow you are lucky AF!


every time a card rises in level or is traited take a new snapshot.

then when a card goes missing, or your levels disapear, or a trait vanishes support will get the proof it demands.


Thank you! I will keep that in mind. At least I know about the wall now :persevere:


@Maxthor2789 I have spent on the game. Was more dollars than luck :moneybag: also, I have 3 mythics (I got the same one twice - I was not happy about that at this stage).


Thank you @peacefull and good to know about the cards disappearing issue. I will take screenshots on a regular basis in case they go “missing”


Oh ya makes sense my bad


On your Dragon team if you Have Krystenax traited you would be better moving him First and Dragon soul second slot because of Krystenax skull damage reduction


Thank you @Maxthor2789 I will try that now.


@Maxthor2789 it works great , thank you! I also added Sheggra as the last unit instead of Elemaugrim. Seems very powerful. Any other team suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was hoping to maybe have a combination of troops that I am yet to understand that can be part of a stronger team.


Flame troll
Yao Guai
Crimson bat

I would put Gorgotha instead of Ragnagord and put it in first slot but you don’t have it I think


Not yet. I will try this team now. Thank you a lot, this is much appreciated.