Second account questions and advice sought

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

I’ve just redownloaded GoW onto my smartphone (I play via Steam normally), and instead of logging into my account have went ahead and started afresh. Mainly out of curiosity, in order to see how the early game has changed and is played now since the vast amount of content the dev’s have added since I started playing over 2 years ago.

The thing is, early game; I have no idea how to play! Sounds ridiculous! I miss my high powered bringers of doom!

What would you guys recommend to look out for and build a team around? A particular class perhaps to chase and level early? Traits and the troops to trait? I feel like a lot has changed since I started.

I think it’d be quite a lot of fun to do this as a community thing, with feedback from people here on what to perhaps try. I’d like to stream it but don’t have a mic or the confidence to really stream I don’t think, else I’d give that a try for some real-time feedback.

Anyway, suggestions thoughts ideas and comments are all welcome!

I’ve done this about half a dozen times, the most recent time in 3.5 which I’m still playing now. Mainly, you still want high scaling stuff, and you still want damage that flows into other damage. Tyri is super important for cracking the first scarcity barrier before you get into a guild, but there are so many easy little weekly rewards you can cherry pick now that “farming” the same battles over and over again is not something I’d recommend nor is it necessary. Just use Tyri in your team as you progress though quests, and maps you get from her as quickly as possible and until you get bored of them.

I always started on Warlord class because it is the easiest to unlock. Traited or not, dragonguard is good (especially with Dragotaur) as is Titan (because Titan has ridiclously good talent options).

Some low Rarity troops to look out for:
Lion Prince: Scales with board, has board mod, good damage
Ranger: Scale with living troops, huge damage compared to early game stats
Dragonian Rogue: Scales with board, has board mod, good damage
all of the transformers: Don’t recommend using them too heavily at first, but there are some neat mini-chains (eg., Alchemist on green/brown > Banshee blue to red > Alchemist on remaining color to fill the team and reset the board > Ranger to finish off), and obviously hard loops (alchemist/hellcat/goblin rocket)
Dryad: Ridiculous early game healer
Dragotaur: scales with board, buffs for dragons, including Dragonguard hero
Pandaska Guard: Low damage, but can generate a bit of mana with it.
Knight Coronet: Amazing set of traits, scales with board, has board mod, good damage
Clockwork Sphynx: Amazing armor buffer and generator, scales with board, has board mod, really good second trait. Really, really good in Rowanne setups. Also good as a defensive buffer, and with the Razor Armor talent on hero.

Probably a bunch of others I’m forgetting.

Quest Epics:
Rowanne and Azura are among the best at what they do by a wide margin, and Tyri is unique in her support role of both mana and map generator. Lots of others are decent, but the former two can build teams around them to great effectiveness, and Tyri can fit in a wide variety of teams without stepping on too much.

Nearly every super early game team you’ll probably want to compose as
Hero(crappy weapon that doesn’t block anybody important with high attack bonus that you probably wont be casting much)
troops that deal damage with board mod, feed something that deals high damage, or set up for high damage with as few turn drops as possible, or buff enough defensive stats to stay ahead of enemy damage while trading up while also preferably not leaving you on a board where your next move can’t get you mana that leads into high damage

Which is pretty much the same strategy I use at high level, minus the hero with crappy weapon up front. Only you might, for example, be using a Lion Prince to feed a few mana into the next thing in your chain, requiring 1 or 2 mana swipes between each step, but still getting 8-14 damage out of each step, but you also might still cast Dragonian Rogue and cascade a few times, filling your Lion Prince to destroy a row and dealing a total of about 35 damage in one turn and ending with some mana on all your troops at a stage where casting your hero’s weapon is worth like 7 damage and a guaranteed turn drop.

When you get some legendaries and better hero weapons, then you can start making higher power teams and eventually stuff that lets you win three trophies reliably, then quickly and reliably.


After 3 years I retired the 2 old accounts and started a new account when I got a new cell phone because I did want to see the game from a new player’s perspective since it had changed so much. Fortunately EK was first legendary troop I got and one I used extensively before. I got the valkyrie fairly quickly and the diviner is useful with the other 2. My lead troop is the hero with a red weapon. So I have 2 attackers and 2 supporter troops.

After 2 months I still don’t have 2 of the troops I used in my main pvp line before and neither are mythic troops.

The account was 1 week old for the first guild wars and still managed a 22-8 record (bracket ~25) with all but just a couple opponents having stronger lines than mine. My strength value was somewhere between 4500 and 5000 that first week. You can’t make a mistake or have the AI get lucky. Don’t figure on having any luck with 3 trophy pvp battles.

I’ve had trouble accessing this site so I hope I’ll be able to get to it, but I think I might have found a way. For some reason if I try to go to this site soon after I start my browser I can’t get there, but I can after I’ve been to other sites (~5-10 min). Beats me.

These forums runs on PHP and eventually there are bugs with different internet browsers and such. It’s not so rare to hear about these odd behaviors in Chrome or Mozilla based browsers.

My suggestion is: Try it on another browser, if it works fine you could leave this other browser dedicated to GoW stuff with bookmarks and such.