Tinker town PF 500 problem

I have been playing the boss room for 1 hour and still can’t beat Tink and I also can’t lose either. I think I will just give up. What is the best way to kill AI Tink quickly? The starting team almost doesn’t matter as they would just explode themselves. This is really painful.

I agree, this is a very painful one. Tinker Town is one of the delves, that can still be annoying even if you have a huge hoard and/or several potions of power, as it is very random… I was able to finish this one during the Lycanthropy campaign, I got lucky and got a beast, that was able to pull the last enemy to first position, after that, I did kill Tink with skulls. Obviously, that won´t help you now :worried:

Two suggestions I could imagine:

  • If you have a Smash-o-bot, try boosting his armor with your Tink a few times, then start casting him, hoping to kill enemies fast and work your way through the enemy team. Of course, when the bot decides to kill itself, the boosted armor is lost.
  • If you have a Destruct-o-bot, cast him whenever possible on enemy Tink, hoping that the triple damage triggers on several casts.

And of course, whenever you lose one of your bots, you summon a new one with Tink, cross your fingers and hope, you don´t get a Detect-o-bot. I found this one to be completely useless.

That´s all “strategy” I can come up with. Maybe others have more to add. It is a very luck based delve and boss fights for more than an hour are rather common.

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My luck has been bad. High armor bot dies after one cast while AI’s 1000 armor bot keeps casting. Also my tink always summons detect o bot. I will quit now and try again another day hoping for more luck or wait till lycanthropy week? :pensive:

Hoping that one of rooms have Night Nag which can transform one of your troops to Giant Toad which you can use to pull Tink to front and then beat him down :wink:

I just beat Tinker Town this week, I had 2 x Smash-o-bot and 2 x Tink Steamwhistle. I skulled and killed all troops in another rooms, not using Smash-o-bot’s powers so there is no chance of them blowing up. Just focus on skulls and using Tinks to bring troops armor and health up. Got to final room with same team then use two Tinks to bring their armor to 1,000 then start using both Smash-o-bots… Killed them all and only one of Smash-o-bot blow up.


What is your currently hoardlevel?

At 130 with 50% boost from kingdom

Start by getting it up to 150, then if that is not enough try 175.

Ok if I can’t get it done next week will increase the level.

So I was trying this again since the gargoyle gem might help turn tink into something so he can’t keep summoning. But you know what, the night hag was exactly what happened. She turned one of my troops into a giant toad and I was able to beat tink down once he was in 1st position. One less faction for me. Cheers😁


Beautiful! Cheers!

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There you go, congrats!

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I used the triple damage to target enemy Tink first. As long as your Tink survives everything else can die.