Endless Delve Battle

I’m going through the Tinker Town Delve with my TT team. I get to the last battle to complete the delve and then the CPU and I end up in this healing/summoning cycle. I’m gunning for his Tink Steamwhistle but I just am not quite doing enough damage to take him down, and since I am also running a TT team, he can’t significantly damage my T.S. either. So we go back and forth until I’ve been playing this one battle for over an hour and the health of both T.S. is over 500 points with no sign of going down. I finally give up.

I had a similar thing happen in the Arena too, the healing spells on both sides out paced the damage being done.

Is there some way to trigger a “stalemate” or some other draw status? Or if there is one, is there a way that it can trigger in under an hour? Then either let the player try again, accept the loss, or in the case of the Arena, rematch with someone else (the game that ended in a stalemate is neither counted as loss nor win)

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Unfortunately, there is no stalemate system in the game. I like the idea, though. Emperinazar took over 2 hours for me on the boss room for PF 500.


Harpies were annoying too lol. These everlasting fights are a major issue for those attempting full completion on Tuesday’s especially. I failed Lyrasza on tuesday at P500 because RNG simply refused to steal attack. An awful experience.

You lost this fight. Learn from it and do something different next time

True, except when trying to do a faction team run where your options are INCREDIBLY limited.

Maybe the 5th delve troop will help in cases like these. Ideally, the 4 original troops would be of merit in some capacity but this is rarely the case at pure 500. Perhaps that’s the real issue in general (not having 4 viable troops) plus tankless factions, stat builders (life in particular). Summoners generally aren’t that big an issue because its usually lower level troops that appear. Apart from harpies lol.