Delves Balance issue

I’ve run into a very annoying issue. In Delves you sometimes have a creature that switches the order of your team.
Now that of itself is fine. But when you start the next battle, Your team is still switched.

At that point, unless you have all the Mega creatures, you basically auto quit.
I’m a lowly 200+ Level guy. So if my main “Fighter” type is in the back, the second of my team usually isn’t. And then your really in trouble if he puts that Spell on you twice.

It would make it so much better for Us new guys(and I’m not that new) if you win the battle your team reorders to the way you started the battle. Otherwise, really, one spell and the whole Delve is over.

Sorry, this is by design – your team composition persists from one room to the next and this must include its order/formation. Yes this is a risk you have to take when doing a Delve (especially The Labyrinth!) but just plan your team around it as best you can.

  • Note which enemy Troop is doing the shuffling (click on each room in the map to scout the enemy team BEFORE picking yours). The main ones to watch for are Bulette, Cedric Sparklesack, Dust Devil and Leviathan, but they are all first/last shufflers so as long as you have a good healer/buffer on your team you can survive their spells until your team gets shuffled full circle.
  • If you are doing a delve with Purple or Yellow, consider bringing Skyrmir the Lofty to manually shuffle your preferred lead troop back into position.
  • Try to build a team with each Troop having an exclusive Mana color (to prevent then getting Mana Locked) or failing that, try bringing an Enchanter (e.g. Elven Bard).

Obviously, these tips do not apply equally across all Factions, doubly so when running the faction team. But again, you know this risk going in.