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Stop making eternity delves

The underworld is great but enough with the pure faction eternity delves. I don’t want to spend hours on rounds that have no ending.


I totally agree. The very last battle of the level 500 pure faction delve took 35 minutes to complete, and that was the try that succeeded. There’s no reason that the last room of the last delve should take someone a couple of hours, over multiple tries, with potions, to complete. And it’s clearly a design decision to make it that way.


Used 5 PoP, and it took no where near 35 mins for that last fight. That whole floor maybe took 20-30 because I was distracted, but I only ran it once and never lost a troop. Might consider using a different team combination possibly. Did you try multiple team compositions or just the one?


I will take easily-beatable over fast any day, so keep the time consuming delves coming if it means the 2500 faction renown is all but guaranteed at minimal cost to me and my resources :+1:

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Yes, I’d prefer not to have more Fang Moors, Lyrasza’s Lairs or Warrens.

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