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Why not level 50?

Is this a typo?

Or did you decide that you want to punish those who are far past level 60 on all your Delves so they have to do 500 instead?

“well actually, we want you to do today’s Faction Assault” - Designer who’s played GoW for 20 minutes of their life.

Ahhh… So you asked for 3 completed delve runs when you really meant 8. Thanks for the implied additional 16 battles.


I knew, I won’t be the first one to see this as a problem.
Will be even uglier for those, who are not around for the weekly delve today.
I already had the feeling, that the campaign tasks are getting harder over the weeks. Week ten certainly will get really nasty even for older players. Wasn’t it a announced as things, that can be achieved with little detours during regular gameplay?

This is turning from yet another annoying chore in an already overladen game to yet another point where we are pushed towards spending gems in a game that constantly does so.


It was.
But it’d be like me telling an Airline pilot what’s part of their “regular job”.
In principle I understand what a pilot does. But having never actually flown a plane. And being flown in a plane once a year. Would probably make me hesitant to speak about something “regular” on their end. I wish the devs used the same situational awareness.

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Of all of the things to complain about for the campaign, this is a bit of an odd one. Chances are if you actually made it to 500, you should have a team that works at 500. Not only that, nothing says you have to clear every room, so pick a faction with 3 rooms and just rush to the exit.

Actually, they probably think the average person hasn’t finished every delve to 500 and wants them to naturally play their 3 delves a day to progress upwards. 60 is still a really low bar. The faction assault is just a convenient secondary option to allow low level play.

If you think its bad now at 60, the requirement is only going to get higher later in the campaign.

It could have been worse, like requiring it to be done in a specific delve or even at a way higher delve level, like 200+


In terms of it being specifically 60 or higher, and not 50, from memory that’s to do with the week of the Campaign we’re in, where it increases by 10 each week from level 20 in Week 1 (and so being in Week 5, it’s increased four times since then). Week 10 should be 110 or higher, if a Task for Delves is included.

In terms of my own personal feedback, I wouldn’t say the Task excites me, and could probably say it feels slightly annoying :man_shrugging:. I think the greatest number of Delves I’d want to complete for a Task is ~1, which would make it more of a Bronze Task.


I’m guessing this was the office meeting when setting that task:



There is no problem. Do the delve event and spend no gems. What’s the issue?


Can’t you just take the fastest route to the last room? I think that’s at most 3 rooms. Whatever level you’re at even at 500 you probably have a team ready for said level anyway but that’s just me…

Yeah. That I cleared months ago (or days) so I’d never have to do it again.
If the task was clear level 500… Then it would be fair to everyone. But instead…
Because we cleared past level 60 on every delve already. We are expected to do level 500 instead. That’s quite an increase in difficulty.

Maybe I am overreacting. It’s a systematic issue with Gems of War. Those who strive for the end game and reach that peak of the mountain. Don’t get rewarded for their efforts. They get punished.

For years it’s been PvP gold amount fluctuation.
And probably others that I can’t think of off hand.
But PvP is an old code. So the hope was they just haven’t had the time to fix it. Now this shit. New code. Old ignorant idealism of what they think GoW is instead of what it actually is.

Meanwhile they are choking out all the midgame players who don’t see an incentive to reach the end game. Because if you don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. You’re less likely to move towards it.


What if it wasn’t Tuesday? Or hell… If folks are too busy to play Gems of War today at all.

I made the issue apparent in the OP already.
By the time you commented did you already forget what you read?

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It’ll likely continue escalating too … 70 80 90 etc. Making the delve one the more annoying of the group.

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Guys, we’re supposed to spend 100 gems to skip it :wink:


Not to mention it is totally failable to do lvl 500 delves

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Pedantic as ever.

In a way, the requirement is not so much 60, but (if we don’t count the weekly delve event for a moment) to clear the highest delve level, you have beaten before. Which you then had potions for possibly.

It’s not even so much the top players with teams capable of 500 runs, who are put into struggles with this task, but the mid tier ones, who clawed their way to, don’t know, somewhere in the 300s during the introduction weekends.

Either the team did not think this task through… or they did. Don’t know, which case would be worse.


These tasks really would be better implemented if players could select whatever delve level they want (that has previously been beaten, of course).

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I agree. You should not be thwarted by a campaign task because you have given delves a chunk of effort. It’s 50 or 500 and no middle ground. That’s plain wrong

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My lowest level delve is 500 :frowning:

if it didn’t go further, I’d be fine with this, 60 is manageable with the event no issue. But 100? That would mean having to buy event sigils.


Agree. Devs, please change this task to 50. I’d rather not jump to level 500 for this task (because you programmed it at 60+)



It would be nice if we could adjust the level of the left hand option to whatever we wanted instead of being stuck on lv50. This would allow players to attempt an all-faction team on lv100/200/300 etc. when it suits them even after taking the delve to lv 500 with non-faction team.