Thank God I didn't pay you a single cent!

Some thoughts for the devs:
You always do things that make the game worse and more frustrating, and at these times I’m always glad I didn’t pay you a single cent.
The game should bring joy, not increasing frustration.

Like the recent blocking of the short way on the Delve maps. Reaching lvl500 Pure faction is already a pain in the ass, but at least on the 3 days faction-weekends it was doable when playing a speed team several hours…
Blocking the short way add nothing to the game just frustration, because now it would take at least twice as long to complete as before.

No, thanks, not. I won’t play this faction to the end. Not this way.

Sometimes I weaken and almost buy the game - because otherwise it’s not bad - but then I’m always reminded of these evil things and warned NOT TO DO IT, it’s not worth it!
And at times like this, I’m always grateful that I don’t spend my money on you. Because of these things, you don’t deserve it.

What you mean by Blocking the short way in faction? Do you mean short route to the boss room.
These factions are old and their map design is already set long time ago. You will get the short route as usual in the normal delve but this event is deep delve so it is little different,
Try doing the one day event and it will be with the old map design.

I think they add a new map along with the new troop and the new map is 5 battles minimum while the old one is 3.

Dark Pits is actually one of the Factions where it was incredibly difficult to do a Pure run the short way. Had to go the long way and even still had to be lucky.

OP, you’re free to have an opinion but Factions are much easier in general since they’ve added Potions outside of events. Don’t understand the complaint.

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Not only that but they added Minion Orbs, so you don’t even have to max the Delve if you’re going for a lvl 20 pet.

I think OP doesn’t understand how deep delves work. Just don’t do a deep delve, and then it’ll be the short route as always. It’s the default option.


In faction assaut, you don’t have an option.

It’s pretty easy dude, just add more hoard level.
You may need to grind chaos shards (for artifacts) and gold.
(I did this potionless, so I KNOW you can do it with potions)